B-Main to Victory Lane for G-Money at Millbridge

Brent Crews was on his way to the Micro Sprint win at Millbridge with four laps to go at the Salisbury, North Carolina facility.  Then, with four laps to go, everything changed.

HIGHLIGHTS: Micro Sprints at Millbridge

Crews carried a lead of nearly four seconds as he negotiated lapped traffic when Skylar Hunter flipped spectacularly in front of him, bringing out a red flag.  Under the red flag, Crews went to the work area with a flat tire, opening the door for Gavan Boschele to take the win.


Boschele had his own excitement on the night, starting with an off-track excursion during his heat race.  That relegated him to the B-Main, which ‘G-Money’ won to earn his spot in the 30-lap feature.  Over the first 26 laps, Boschele worked his way from 13th to second. When Crews pulled into the work area under the red flag for Hunter’s big flip, Boschele capitalized for the victory.


“It was pretty tough.  One mistake puts you in a bad place,” said Boschele in victory lane.  “I just had to be patient the whole time.  I had a little bit of luck go my way and it all paid off.”


On a night where riding the cushion proved treacherous, Boschele acknowledged the challenge and how it bit him in his heat race.


“It was pretty difficult to run.  It was really technical.  You just had to pick a mark, stick it there and be smart.”


Nick Drake finished second, with Ethan Burdett completing the podium.  Matt Francis and Trevor Cline rounded out the top five.  Brent Crews rebounded from his trip to the work area to finish eighth, behind Neal Allison and Will Boprey.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo / Brandon Zumbach


Results – Micro Sprints at Millbridge – June 30, 2021


  1. Gavan Boschele
  2. Nick Drake
  3. Ethan Burdett
  4. Matt Francis
  5. Trevor Cline
  6. Neal Allison
  7. Will Boprey
  8. Brent Crews
  9. Hayden Reeves
  10. Joey Robinson
  11. Coen McDaniel
  12. Skylar Hunter
  13. Aiden Price
  14. DJ Vanderley
  15. Eli Adams
  16. Nigel Standish

B-Main to Victory Lane for G-Money at Millbridge