Salem, IN – Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS officials announced today that the Stan Rosen entry driven by Kyle Crump at the ARCA/CRA Super Series event at Baer Field Motorsports Park on Saturday, July 28th has been disqualified from the event following their runner-up finish after multiple forensic laboratory tests determined the team had used an illegally-altered tire during the event.  The lab used by CRA for testing is the same lab used by the top racing organizations in the country, including NASCAR and the World of Outlaws.


CRA officials took random samples from the top two finishers at the event, sealed the samples, signed by the teams and delivered to the independent laboratory for detailed analysis. The sample taken from 1st place finisher Brian Campbell was found to conform to the benchmark standards for the Hoosier F50 as supplied by Hoosier.  The sample from the Rosen entry was found to not conform to the Hoosier submitted benchmark and was analyzed in duplicate to confirm the original scan result, which is laboratory protocol.  The duplicate result matched the original result, thus confirming the tire sample from the Rosen entry did not meet the Hoosier submitted benchmark.


Following an appeal by the team, CRA submitted not one, but two samples from the same tire, being identified to the testing lab with the appearance of being different tires, and both tire samples came back non-conforming.


As a result of these findings, the team has been disqualified from their runner-up finish, will be placed in last position in the event, receive a $250 fine and placed on probation for one calendar year. The change in the final order for the event will result in affected teams receiving additional purse and points following their next event.


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ARCA/CRA Super Series Driver Disqualified After Tire Test