APC Rookie of the Year Shines in eSeries at Martinsville

The APC United Late Model eSeries finale saw the real-life stars take to Martinsville Speedway for 150 laps around the Virginia half-mile.  It was shades of last October’s ValleyStar Credit Union 300, as Jo Lawrence led wire-to-wire to score the win.


The reigning APC Series Rookie of the Year started on the pole and never left the top spot, despite seeing multiple challengers throughout the race.  While he may have made it look easy on the track, it was anything but from behind the wheel.


“I don’t know if it looked easy but it was stressful, there were a lot of fast guys out here.  You’ve always got to worry with Martinsville, short track, bump-and-runs, it’s bound to happen and when you’re the leader you’re the main target for them,” Lawrence said on the broadcast.  “It was a really clean race for the most part, we kept it out front and that’s what you need to do to pull this win off.”


While just about everybody else had pitted for tires at one point in the race, Lawrence did not make a visit to pit road once during the race.  However, he made up for the lack of tires by using track position to his advantage and keeping his car clean while his competitors used each other up.


“I was a little worried about the fresher tires but it looked like they damaged the cars up a little bit by the time they got to me.  I think it evened it out a little bit and they didn’t get a chance to get a good run against me.”


Treyten Lapcevich earned another top-five finish with the APC eSeries by finishing second.  While it was smooth sailing for Lawrence, it was anything but for Lapcevich, who visited pit road eight times during the race and had to work his was back through the field for a hard-earned runner-up effort.


“I guess I’ll have to take it.  We had a really fast car early on, I got us set back by going to the back and that lost me the first half of the race,” Lapcevich said.  “Overall, we drove back through the field and we’ll take the second place.”


Brother Cayden Lapcevich followed Treyten in third, followed by Ryan Dyson and Ray Morneau.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

APC Rookie of the Year Shines in eSeries at Martinsville