American Racer Offering Economical Option for Competitors

Since its founding in 1915, American Racer Tires has been an industry leader in racing tires.  Known around the globe for their quality, durability, repeatability, and value, American racer tires are part of a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation in the racing industry for more than a century.


Speed51 caught up with members of the American Racer family a few weeks ago at the annual Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, where they were happy to feature products for everything from Asphalt, Dirt, Road Racing, and everything in between.


“I think racing hasn’t gotten any cheaper over the last decades and I don’t see that changing in the future,” said Scott Junod of American Racer.  “We offer an economical product that competes. You know nothing’s free, but our tires get the job done and it’s an option that racetracks should consider in order to have repeatability, in order to keep their racers healthy financially, and in order for them to make money and for them to continue on with what they’d like to do.”


With more than 700 employees that are dedicated to their craft, American Racer Tires is known for its devotion to putting a high quality product out on the racetrack.


“We are certainly very indebted to them because they do a fine job. Building tires is not an easy job, but one that we’ve certainly been doing for quite a long time. Our company’s been doing it since 1915. So, we always say the first 104 years are the hardest and it gets easier from there. But a lot of those people work very hard to make these tires at a high quality. We thank them very much and of course all of our distributors throughout the world.”


American Racer Tires is committed to the short track racing community, through its affordability, repeatability, sustainability, and value. That’s why top flight tracks across the country use American Racer.


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-Story by: Allick Jorgensen, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @AJorgensen24

-Photo credit: Speed51 photo




American Racer Offering Economical Option for Competitors