With 2018 coming to an end, many organizations across the short track racing world are celebrating great accomplishments left and right. This includes the hardworking staff at American Racer, who once again rose to the occasion across the U.S. and the world to provide great racing tires all season long.


Whether it was on asphalt or dirt, American Racer was on site for their series, tracks, and teams ready to provide the best tire possible for some of the best competition.


It is a season that has further cemented the company’s long-standing reputation in the sport of auto racing.


“We had a great year, we raced from coast to coast and around the world,” said American Rcer’s Scott Junod.  “We had tires on the USRA national champion Darron Fuqua, and all our other series and tracks running our product; Must See Asphalt Sprints, our friends at Jennerstown Speedway, American-Canadian Tour, Short Track Super Series, USMTS. We have so many partners that are involved.”


Coming off such a successful year, 2019 looks to be even bigger for American Racer all around. That being said one track and event that they are putting plenty of effort into is close to their main base in Pennsylvania, Jennerstown Speedway which is currently enjoying a period of revival.


It goes to show that while the national and even global market is just as important to the brand, it’s also good to maintain those home roots.


“We hope to continue to grow. We have seen growth over the last four or five years and we expect that to continue. We are going to be back at Jennerstown again to try and enhance the Motor Mountain Masters show.”


That being said, there is still much being done elsewhere. American Racer will be back once again with the American-Canadian Tour in New England and Quebec in 2019, with an added focus of working with ACT north of the border. At the same time, the company is also seeking new ventures west of the Rocky Mountains.


“We’ll be working with Cris Michaud and ACT again. I know he is going to be doing more work up in Canada with ACT. We just have a lot going on, we hope to have more going on the West Coast. We’ll have even more to talk about soon.”


Speed51.com will have more from American Racer as the new year progresses.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

American Racer Celebrates 2018, Plans for Bigger 2019