Allard Rides Roller Coaster to Idaho 200 Triumph

The sport of auto racing has its ups and downs.  Sometimes they happen over a span of several seasons, in other instances they’re experienced in the same night.

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The latter of that statement is what happened to Corey Allard Saturday night during the Idaho 200 at Stateline Speedway.  The Idaho native was involved in a crash not even 20 laps into the 200-lap main event.  After extensive repairs and perseverance by the team, he ended the race with the biggest win of his career.


After nearly falling off the lead lap during the first half of the race, the car came roaring back to life during the final 100 laps.  After a late yellow set up a dash to the finish, Allard made his move.


“It was a hard-fought battle for us.  We had an invert of 12 cars so we started ninth and about 19 laps in we got caught up in a wreck and it tore the whole side of the car off,” Allard said on The Bullring.  “We had to get in and cut it all off and change the right rear tire.


We just fought to stay on the lead lap the first half and we were able to do it, we were right in front of the leader after the first 100.  Our crew made some little adjustments at half and fought our way to the front after that.  We were 10th with 50, 55 laps to go and we had a long green flag run and our car was really good throughout the run.  We were able to track the leader from about half a lap behind and got to fourth or fifth.  We got a late-race caution that really helped us to get in a position to where we can cool our tires off a little and really battle the top guys to try and get it.


An Idaho 200 win carries extra meaning to teams like Allard’s in an area without a heavy asphalt racing presence in general.  Events like this past weekend’s and the Montana 200 allow drivers to see what could be their only outside competition during the year due to their location and the few opportunities to race each season.


“There’s only a couple tracks in the state and Montana’s next to us and they only have one paved track now.  The guys I race against I’ve raced against in several different areas now so you get to know the guys you race quite well.  With a race like this you get guys out of California like Jeremy Doss and we get other guys from the southern part of Idaho and the coast.


“I think what’s different here compared to guys in the Midwest and back East is we only race once every few weeks.  You can travel and race more but most of our stuff is on weekend and our class only runs every few weeks.”


Winning the Idaho 200 wasn’t the final challenge for Allard’s team leaving Stateline Speedway Saturday night.  A huge trophy standing six feet tall and several feet wide left him finding a way to load it up and take it back home.


“It took about three of us to get it in the back of a truck to get it home.  It’s taller than I am so it was quite the beast to take home.”


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Jeremy Anders

Allard Rides Roller Coaster to Idaho 200 Triumph