Short track racing fans now have three new Twitter accounts to follow for at-the-track updates.  On Thursday, powered by JEGS launched a trio of divisional accounts — @Speed51LM, @Speed51Mods and @Speed51Dirt — for race fans to obtain news, results and information.


An error occurred in the authentication process for each of the three previous divisional accounts, therefore resulting in the creation of these three new Twitter accounts. 


300x250 Summer Thunder - State Park 2017.06.16The three new accounts replace existing accounts created by in order to allow race fans that enjoy a specific realm of racing to get the latest updates from events throughout North America.


“’s divisional accounts for at-track updates have been very well received.  They have provided race fans with a place to go in order to obtain the information they want the most,” said Editor Brandon Paul.  “Our goal is to quickly build up these new accounts and continue to provide short track racing fans the information they desire.”


51’s at-track Twitter accounts allow fans to follow along throughout an event to get the latest information when it happens.  By following each account, you’ll also find unique behind-the-scenes info and the latest results for each realm of racing.


So if you’re a fan that loves to put on goggles and watch race cars sling dirt, then you only have to follow @Speed51Dirt and not have to worry about seeing updates you may not care to see.


If you enjoy Late Model racing, whether it be Super Late Models, Pro Late Models or Late Model Stock Cars, you can follow @Speed51LM to get the latest news, updates and videos of Late Models.


If you enjoy Modifieds of any kind, follow @Speed51Mods to get Modified racing updates throughout the country.


And if you enjoy all forms of Short Track Racing, well then you can follow all three accounts and enjoy a plethora of Short Track Racing coverage.


As another busy weekend of Short Track Racing nears, don’t miss out on any of the information you want to see.  Follow @Speed51Dirt, @Speed51LM and @Speed51Mods today.


-Text by Staff. Photo credit: Rick Ibsen/

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