All American 400 Promoters Eager for Big Weekend

The first year of Track Enterprises’ control of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway has been a challenging one due to the onset of COVID-19.  Even with the virus putting a damper on the 2020 season at the historic facility, they still have been able to host six events this season, with number seven being this weekend’s All American 400.


Track Enterprises President Bob Sargent joined “The Bullring” Tuesday to discuss this weekend’s crown jewel and the 2020 season to date.  Even with the reduced schedule due to mandates put out by the city of Nashville, he still considers the year to this point to be a success.




“I do feel like I’m in a pretty good position.  We’ve raced all over the country this summer with COVID and it puts us in a precarious position to get ready for a race and get spectators in,” Sargent said.  “We’ve done it everywhere, including Nashville.  We’ve had five local races here, we’ve had the Masters of the Pro’s.  We’ve had several events and we just follow health protocols.”


The city’s approval for the track to host events have come with added COVID protocols, which will be in place once again for All American 400 weekend.  Track Enterprises and Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway officials have been strictly following those protocols to limit the spread of COVID and to ensure more races could be run as scheduled.


Despite only a limited amount of fans being allowed to attend this year’s All American 400, Sargent still expects a good turnout in the grandstands.


“We’re going to have the health department there, we’ll be checking temperatures.  We’ve got sanitizer, we’re asking everybody to keep their distance.  We’ve got limited seating but luckily, we’ve got a large grandstand so we can get a lot of people in it.  We’re going to have masks on and we’re just going to do all the normal protocols that the whole country’s doing and what you see on the news.”


Track Enterprises took over the day-to-day operations of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway after the city terminated its contract with Tony and Claire Formosa towards the end of 2019.  The news quickly became one of the most anticipated developments of what was about to be the new season.


Nashville became the latest track to fall under control of the company, joining other facilities such as Macon Speedway and Terre Haute Action Track among major events throughout the country.


“We look all over the country for facilities that put on good racing and amenities for the fans and drivers.  Nashville Fairgrounds has got all this history and it’s really laid out for a great facility for the racing, for the pit area, for the grandstands.  Those old, covered grandstands are great for the crowd.  The city of Nashville is booming right now.”


Sargent had no second thoughts when the opportunity to take over Nashville came about.  His past experiences at Nashville with the ARCA Menards Series and the North/South Super Late Model Challenge were strong, and he relished at the opportunity to return to Nashville on a more regular basis.


“This was an easy pick, we’ve been doing the ARCA race here for about six years now so we’ve got used to the facility.  We had the chance to do the All American 400 and the local racing with D&D Events.  We’re just really excited about the future here and this weekend we’re going to set it off.  The excitement, the entries for this, we’re going to have 215 cars on property this weekend.  It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend.”


Speed51.TV will be live from Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway for all three days of All American 400 weekend, including the Super Late Model main event on Sunday, November 1.  Order your video ticket for the All American 400 today.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo


All American 400 Promoters Eager for Big Weekend