From Go-Karts to Legends Cars, Wyatt Alexander has won races and championships in just about everything he’s driven up until this point.  But up until this past weekend, the 15-year-old rising stock car racing star still doubted himself behind the wheel of a Pro Stock.  It was taking too long, or so he thought, to get into victory lane in a full-bodied vehicle.


“I feel like I’ve been waiting a really long time to be able to get my first win.  Like I’m overdue,” Alexander told powered by JEGS.  “I started to doubt myself.  But then I remember that I’ve only made 20 starts.”


Alexander, of Ellsworth, Maine, ran a Pro Stock five times in 2014, and finished second at Wiscasset Speedway (ME) in the final race of the year.  That helped his confidence as he and his team made the decision to chase points at Wiscasset this year.


“Our goal going into this year was to compete for wins at Wiscassett on a Saturday night level,” said Alexander.  “We wanted to try and win one or two races, which we felt we could do.  In my fifth and final start last year I finished second, so we knew we were competitive and figured we could get a win.”


He’d come close a few times throughout this season, but hadn’t been able to seal the deal.  He’d raced near the front and had led laps, but wasn’t able to lead the final one in any of those races.  Until this past Saturday night.


In his 21st Pro Stock start, Alexander finally did get that win, and he did so in the biggest Pro Stock race of the year at Wiscasset, the Boss Hogg 100.  He was so excited to win that Alexander said it took him until Monday to realize that he did actually finally score his first Pro Stock victory.


“I was just so excited too that it was the Boss Hogg 100,” he said.  “It was so important to me that I forgot that it was my first win.  So for that race to be my first win in a Pro Stock is pretty special.”


But what makes the Boss Hogg 100 so special to Alexander?  The race honors Dave St. Clair, otherwise known as “Boss Hogg” because of his resemblance to the character from “The Dukes of Hazard.”  St. Clair raced against Alexander’s grandfather when Alexander was just a kid.  Well, a younger kid.


“My grandfather took me over and I met him before the race even started,” Alexander said.  “He was sitting there in typical fashion with a cigar hanging out of his mouth in true Dave St. Clair fashion.  He’s a really cool guy.”


Alexander got to “meet” him again after the race ended while he took his victory lap.  St. Clair, now 67, ran the race and finished sixth, and approached Alexander as he ran his Polish victory lap.


“When I was taking my parade lap with the checkered flag in my hand I did a polish victory lap and I met Dave as he was getting ready to come off the track,” explained Alexander.  “I was like ‘Man there he is. That’s Boss Hogg, and I just won his race.’  So that was really cool.”


Alexander said that when he was in victory lane he was just trying to soak in what he’d just accomplished.  But even now, after a couple of days have passed and Alexander has had time to think about his accomplishment, he still is having trouble processing the fact that his number one goal has been achieved.


“It just feels really cool,” he said.  “I don’t have the words to explain it.  People are saying I’m the youngest champion of the race at 15 years old and it just feels really cool to be able to do that.”


-By Rob Blount, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: The Fifth Turn

Alexander Meets the Boss, then Beats the Boss at Wiscasset