Alex Prunty Building Fresh Ride for Slinger Nationals

Many thought the anticipation for the 2020 Slinger Nationals could not be topped, being one of the first major short track events following the COVID-19 shutdown. But the 2021 buildup has already exceeded that for one simple reason: SRX.

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Not only does the winner of the 2021 Slinger Nationals get their name etched in the event record books for eternal posterity, but they also get a seat in the car reserved for local drivers in the Camping World SRX Series just four days later.


With Wisconsin’s best drivers and plenty more from across the U.S. heading to Slinger Super Speedway on Tuesday, July 6, the preparation is already underway in many race shops, even for the local teams who still have a points event this coming Sunday.


For 2018 Slinger Super Late Model champion Alex Prunty, he’s been preparing perhaps the longest of anybody.


“We got something special coming out, we’ve been building a Fury car since March, and the first time we’re going to get on track is Friday. So we’re finishing it up to go out and test. No idea if we’re going to race it Sunday. We have the 2006 Pathfinder car, that I’ve always run, dialed in pretty good for this year. I don’t know what to expect with the Fury car at Slinger, we’ll find out,” Prunty told Speed51 on Thursday.


With its 33-degree banked turns, Slinger has well earned the nickname of being the ‘World’s Fastest 1/4-mile Oval’, along with its tough reputation. Normal weekly races for Super Late Models are 50 laps in length, but for weekly racers, 200 laps once a year is no problem.


It’s a fun race, I’ve run Slinger for 12 years now, and every now and then you get a reminder of how tough Slinger is when you go somewhere else. There isn’t as much cornering force anywhere else compared to Slinger. I’m used to it, same with the local guys, it’s not a big deal for us since we’ve been doing it for so long.


In addition, many top-tier Super Late Model drivers don’t have a track they can race their Super Late Models weekly, increasing the home track advantage just a bit more in Prunty’s opinion.


“That’s another big difference is a lot of other tracks don’t run Supers weekly. We’re also not running against a bunch of 16-year-old kids really, Luke Fenhaus being the prime exception. A lot of the guys I race against have been doing it for 20 years.”


As for the business of an SRX ride being added to winner’s prize in 2021, Prunty is all for it.


“It’s so cool that we decided to build a brand-new car for it in March. But it really is a neat opportunity, a great chance for a local guy like me to be thrown into the national spotlight, and that’s the whole reason behind us building this new car. We really want to win this race and we need to step our game up. The last couple of years a lot of the newer cars have been coming and doing really well.”


Even faced with this golden opportunity, Prunty’s motivation to win would not change without it. Two of his uncles David in 2001 and Dennis 2015 have each added the family name to the list of Nationals winners, and he wants to be the one to add it again.


“For me, it’s more than just the SRX ride. I’ve had two of my family members, uncles, that have won it. I’m trying to be the third Prunty to win the Nationals. Sentimental value, that’s my biggest goal, I want to be the third Prunty to win the Slinger Nationals.”


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51

Alex Prunty Building Fresh Ride for Slinger Nationals