On Tuesday, Speed51.com published a piece that outlined a 10-driver “wish-list” to take over the seat of the Bob Garbarino-owned Mystic Missile No. 4 Modified on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.  One driver that was overlooked and left off of the list was Max Zachem.


When the piece ran, the comments section on Facebook lit up.  We were inundated with comments such as “Where is Max Zachem?” “No Max Zachem?” “How could you leave off Max Zachem? I think the site is now SpeedClinton51.com.  We demand a recount.”


Well, what we learned after our recount was that Max Zachem had enough support to become “POTM,” which is short for “President of the Modifieds.”

300x250 PFC 2017 Jan

We reached out to Mr. Zachem to find out what the new POTM-elect is up to and what he has in store for 2017.


“Well, I didn’t get the 4 ride,” laughed Mr. Zachem.  “So I’m busy getting my own car ready.  We’re trying to update our program to make it the best we can be to run against all of the big countries like China, which is Doug Coby, Japan, which is Justin Bonsignore, and Russia, which is Timmy Solomito.  Those are good race teams.  So as president you have to try to compete with those guys.  We’ll be giving it our best in 2017.”


Mr. Zachem has a couple of interesting policies that he plans to put in place within his first 100 days of office.  He said he wants to pass a law that makes wrecking illegal because, “that gets very expensive.”


He also has an interesting way to sanction teams and drivers that do wreck.


“You’d lose your sponsorship to the little teams to help support Wade Cole and Jamie Tomaino and other guys like that,” he said.  “We wouldn’t build a wall.  We’d just take away money from the big teams and help the little guys out.”


Finally, we asked Mr. Zachem for a short preview of his inauguration speech, and he was more than happy to give Speed51.com powered by JEGS a taste.


“First off I’d be thanking the fans for their loyal support of the Modified Tour.  If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. I can’t forget Phil Kurze from Whelen Engineering. He’s a big supporter of the Modifieds and he’s a great guy. I also have to say thank you to Jimmy Wilson of NASCAR. He’s a great guy and he’s trying to make this merger work for everybody.”


Okay, so far Mr. Zachem’s speech doesn’t quite live up to President John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” speech from 1961, but Zachem and his writers still have time to perfect their speech before the season opener for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at Myrtle Beach Speedway (SC) on March 18.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com/Rick Ibsen photo

After Recount, Zachem Voted President of the Modifieds