What is a race car without wheels?  It’s a good looking piece of equipment that sits in one spot and doesn’t go anywhere.


What is a race car with wheels (and tires)?  It’s a good looking piece of equipment that goes fast and entertains fans at race tracks throughout the country.


Ultimately, wheels are of the upmost importance for short track racers.  AERO Race Wheels knows that, and thus they have become a leader in the industry.


Over the last two seasons, AERO has redesigned a new 51 Series wheel designed specifically for Super Late Model racers.  That wheel has been tested tough at some of the toughest race tracks in the country and has become one of the best options for racers throughout the nation.


“A year or year and a half ago we redesigned our 51 Series Super Late Model wheel,” said Eric Dailey of AERO Race Wheels.  “We needed to make it a little bit stronger for Bristol.  When they went there for the first time, we found some issues.  We got that stronger and it can withstand Bristol, with no issues since.”


Currently, two different options are available for the 51 Series wheel that AERO manufactures.  One of those options is the “RF” (reinforced) wheel designed for tracks with a reputation of being tougher on equipment.


“If you’re going to go to Bristol, you need to use the RF wheel, that’s what we call it,” Dailey stated. “Reinforced, a lot of guys use it on the right front, however you want to look at it.  It’s stronger for Bristol, Winchester, Slinger Speedway, the really high-banked, high-load tracks.”


Another option also exists for those looking for a lighter wheel at tracks that aren’t as tough on equipment.


“We also have a lightweight version, which ends in LW at the end of the part number,” Dailey said.  “They’re for the flat tracks, the majority of the tracks you go to in the country that (wheel) would work.”


In addition to the wheels designed for Super Late Models, options are also available for other short track cars such as Modifieds.


“The ten-inch version would be the Late Model.  We have eights, tens, twelves, fourteens and fifteens for everything,” Dailey explained. “We have all the bolt patterns; wide five, five on five, it’s going to be the same rim shell for both of them. We can do the lightweight and the RF in both.”


One of the racers who has found success running AERO Race Wheels is former Granite State Pro Stock Series champion and current PASS North driver Dillon Moltz. 


“We’ve been running AERO wheels for the last eight years,” Moltz said at the recent PRI Show.  “I’ve got two championships won on them and numerous ACT and Pro Stock touring series wins.  They’re a great company.”


Not only is Moltz a racer himself, but he also works for the Maine-based company RB Performance, a chassis shop located in Jay, Maine.  The company has a long-standing relationship with AERO Race Wheels.


“We’re a dealer for AERO wheels, so all of our customers run AERO wheels,” Moltz explained.  “They deliver a great product and we’ve had no issues with them, whether we’re going to a high-banked track for us like White Mountain or running Oxford the next week, their product withstands and holds up for us.  It’s someone we’ve been with for quite some time and we continue to grow our relationship with them.”


AERO Race Wheels offers customers a variety of options to give racers what they want and need, including a variety of color options for all of their wheels.


To view all the options available, visit www.aeroracewheels.comtoday.   


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

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