Late model specialist Freddie Query is presenting a stock car seminar on December 13th and 14th. The seminar will be held at the Advanced Racing Suspensions facilities located at 1698 Midwest Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46214. This seminar will focus on Asphalt Late Models utilizing bump rubber suspensions. Featuring the developments of chassis setups for smooth versus rough tracks, and the different packages to be fast on both surfaces. The 2 day seminar will be held on Saturday and Sunday the same weekend as the PRI trade show in Indianapolis.


Freddie Query has years of experience racing Late Models throughout the south as a driver. Now, as a mentor to young drivers, Freddie is able to test and develop many setup packages. The combination of driver, mechanic, and years of teaching background make Freddie the ideal instructor for the Stock Car Seminar.


The two day seminar starts with front and rear suspension component selection and assembly. Covering everything from ball joints to panhard bars and all components in between. The seminar then moves to racing shock selection and tuning with an explanation of valving curves and how to obtain those curves. Concluding day one is the body mounting and modification tips as well as race tire and brake components


Day two begins with guide lines for coil binding and the use of bump stops. Next the seminar discusses the detailed chassis setup procedure and concludes with race track chassis tuning. Two jam packed days of Late Model chassis information!


The seminar is hosted by Advanced Racing Suspensions and is located at 1698 Midwest Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46214. The cost of the seminar is $550 for both days. Seating is limited, however, so reserve your seat by contacting Barbara Lawson at Advanced Racing Suspensions. Barbara can be reached at (317) 271-7100.

Advanced Racing Suspension Hosting Late Model Seminar in Indy