Adam Degenhardt had a huge smile on his face Saturday night after grabbing his first Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Model feature of the season at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway. Degenhardt, who has been running a partial season, held off short-track legend and points leader Steve Carlson for the win.

Degenhardt started in ninth six spots behind Bill Niles. Niles was able to move into the lead quickly and pull away from the field after eight laps, but he didn’t get far enough to keep the top spot away from Degenhardt.

After 11 laps Degenhardt was door-handle to door-handle with Niles. One lap later the lead belonged to Degenhardt.
The win didn’t come that easy though.

A caution came out with 12 laps to go when Travis Christenson hit the inside wall on the front stretch. The yellow flag that waved brought the field to the back bumper of the leader. Degenhardt then had the challenge of fending off Carlson, Niles and Cole Howland.

On the restart Carlson and Howland charged to the front on the outside, but Degenhardt was right there to defend his lead. Howland and Carlson stayed close running second and third, respectively.

Degenhardt was able to sneak away from the duo as Carlson overpowered Howland on the inside groove for the second position.

The top two drivers were able to secure their finishing positions with just a few laps to go, however Howland fell off the pace for just a moment allowing Mike Carlson to finish in the third spot. Howland held on for fourth followed by Matthew Henderson in fifth.

Brad Powell finished sixth and is sitting second in the division standings, 57 points behind Steve Carlson (628 points). Howland is in the third spot with 510 points.
Nick Clements won the Grand National Sportsmen feature over hard-charging Brian Hesselberg and Steve Bachman. Greg Scheck, who finished fourth, sits atop the leader board with 511 points. Bachman is a close second, just 15 points behind Scheck.

Jordan Myers tightened the points race in the United Auto Supply Thunderstox division. Myers won the feature, two spots ahead of points leader Jason Bolster (654), and is now only two points out of the top spot in the standings. But Andy Moore (fifth in the feature) is only one point behind Myers in third. Jason Schaller, who finished second in the feature, is third in the standings with 648 points.

John Eron captured the checkered flag in the United Auto Supply Street Stock feature after winning a heat race earlier in the night.

Dakota Miller was voted the fan favorite in the crowd-pleasing Trailer Race of Destruction. Miller, who was hauling a yellow 08 trailer in honor of his brother Kaleb, made a memorable entrance onto the track releasing yellow balloons from the trailer. What was possibly even more memorable and undeniable impressive was that Miller was able to continue racing after his trailer tipped onto its side and got stuck between two other trailers in Turns 1 and 2. Miller struggled to free his trailer but when he did it righted itself. He went on to win the event in front of a large, cheering crowd.

Friday, August 8 is another installment of Premier Powdercoating Friday Night Street Drags. Featured events include Bracket Racing, Burnout Contest, Shine N’ Show Contest and Pre-Event Grudge Matches. Then on Saturday, August 9 Kwik Trip presents all the great NASCAR Whelen All-American Series excitement. The ANTS Pest Control Hornets and Coke-Zero Outlawz will join the three weekly divisions. Plus, there’s a Tough Truck Competition. For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series –

Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models
United Auto Supply 25 Feature (22 Cars) — 1, Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 2, Steve Carlson, West Salem; 3, Mike Carlson, West Salem; 4, Cole Howland, La Crosse; 5, Matthew Henderson, La Crosse; 6, Brad Powell, La Crosse; 7, Shawn Pfaff, Sparta; 8, Bill Niles, Holmen; 9, Jerimy Wagner, Onalaska; 10, Todd Korish, Holmen; 11, Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg; 12, Harley Jankowski, Sparta; 13, Branden Berg, Melrose; 14, Jack Litsheim, La Crosse; 15, Adam Moore, Sparta; 16, Steve Owen, Camp Douglas; 17, Jonathan Eckelberg, West Salem; 18, Curt Eckelberg, West Salem; 19, Travis Christenson, La Crosse; 20, Todd Oliver, Bangor; 21, Jimmy Summerfield, Rockland; 22, Steve Owen, Red Wing, Minn.
Qualifying — 1, Brad Powell, 20.011 seconds, 98.121 MPH; 2, Shawn Pfaff, 20.062 secs, 97.872 MPH; 3, Steve Carlson, 20.075 secs, 97.808 MPH; 4, Adam Degenhardt, 20.140 secs, 97.493 MPH; 5, Harley Jankowski, 20.205 secs, 97.179 MPH; 6, Mike Carlson; 7, Matthew Henderson; 8, Cole Howland; 9, Jerimy Wagner; 10, Randy Humfeld; 11, Bill Niles; 12, Adam Moore; 13, Jack Litsheim; 14, Todd Korish; 15, Branden Berg; 16, Curt Eckelberg; 17, Steve Owen; 18, Steve Obrien; 19, Jonathan Eckelberg; 20, Travis Christenson; 21, Jimmy Summerfield.
Heat 1 — 1, Todd Korish; 2, Bill Niles; 3, Jack Litsheim; 4, Matthew Henderson; 5, Cole Howland.
Heat 2 — 1, Branden Berg; 2, Travis Christenson; 3, Curt Eckelberg; 4, Jonathan Eckelberg; 5, Steve Owen.
Fast Dash — 1, Mike Carlson; 2, Shawn Pfaff; 3, Adam Degenhardt; 4, Brad Powell; 5, Steve Carlson.

Grand National Sportsmen
United Auto Supply 15 Feature (15 Cars) — 1, Nick Clements, West Salem; 2, Brian Hesselberg, West Salem; 3, Steve Bachman, West Salem; 4, Greg Scheck, La Crosse; 5, Bill Martin, Madison; 6, Jamie Dummer, Tomah; 7, Justin Mullikin, Holmen; 8, Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 9, Brad Warthan, Sparta; 10, Tom Luethe, West Salem; 11, Justin Berg, Bangor; 12, Mandi Eckelberg, West Salem; 13, Mark Challet, La Crosse; 14, Jeff Thompson, La Crosse; 15, Jon Inglett, La Crosse.
Qualifying — 1, Nick Clements, 22.305 seconds, 88.030 MPH; 2, Steve Bachman, 22.267 secs, 88.180 MPH; 3, Brian Hesselberg, 22.401 secs, 87.652 MPH; 4, Greg Scheck, 22.463 secs, 87.410 MPH; 5, Bill Martin, 22.484 secs, 87.329 MPH; 6, Jimmy Gilster; 7, Justin Mullikin; 8, Jamie Dummer; 9, Tom Luethe; 10, Jeff Thompson; 11, Brad Warthan; 12, Justin Berg; 13, Mark Challet; 14, Mandi Eckelberg; 15, Jon Inglett.
Heat 1 — 1, Mark Challet; 2, Brad Warthan; 3, Tom Luethe; 4, Justin Mullikin; 5, Jamie Dummer.
Dash — 1, Jimmy Gilster; 2, Greg Scheck; 3, Nick Clements; 4, Steve Bachman; 5, Brian Hesselberg.

United Auto Supply Thunderstox
United Auto Supply 15 Feature (16 cars) — 1, Jordan Myers, Sparta; 2, Jason Schaller, La Crosse; 3, Jason Bolster, Sparta; 4, Thomas Farra, Cashton; 5, Andy Moore, Sparta; 6, Kayla Lockington, Mindoro; 7, Bill Schott, La Crosse; 8, Jacinda Pfaff, Sparta; 9, Kyle Lockington, La Crosse; 10, Melissa Rusch, La Crosse; 11, Dakota Miller, Sparta; 12, Ronald White, Camp Douglas; 13, Steven Rusch, Sparta; 14, Kayla Steinhoff, Rockland; 15, Nathan White, Rockland; 16, JR Tourtellott, La Crosse.
Dash — 1, Jason Bolster; 2, Andy Moore; 3, Jason Schaller; 4, Kayla Steinhoff; 5, Kayla Rae Lockington.
Heat 1 — 1, Kayla Rae Lockington; 2, Jason Schaller; 3, Jason Bolster; 4, Jordan Myers; 5, Jacinda Pfaff.
Heat 2 — 1, Kayla Steinhoff; 2, Andy Moore; 3, Bill Schott; 4, Dakota Miller; 5, Steven Rusch.

United Auto Supply Street Stock
United Auto Supply 15 Feature (15 cars) — 1, John Eron, St. Germain; 2, Kyle Rozek, Tomah; 3, Mike Peters, Whitehall; 4, Steven Brasda, Osseo; 5, Dan Osthoff, La Crosse; 6, Taylor Dobbs, Galesville; 7, Jonathan Burbach, Winona, Minn.; 8, Jarad Cary, La Crosse; 9, Tyler Mickschl; 10, John Clauson, Onalaska; 11, Andy Moore, Sparta; 12, Chris Sampson, Bangor; 13, John Nerud; 14, Scott Mahlum, La Crosse; 15, Charles Koch, Alma.
Qualifying — 1, Kyle Rozek; 2, John Eron; 3, Mike Peters; 4, Taylor Dobbs; 5, Jonathan Burbach.
Heat 1 — 1, Kyle Rozek; 2, Jarad Cary; 3, Dan Osthoff; 4, Tyler Mickschl; 5, Jonathan Burbach.
Heat 2 — 1, John Eron; 2, Andy Moore; 3, John Clauson; 4, Steven Brasda; 5, Taylor Dobbs.

– La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway Press Release

Photo Credit: La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway

Adam Degenhardt Wins First Feature of the Season at La Crosse