ATV Stunt Entertainer Henry “Pitbull” Rife thrills Fans with his amazing race car jump. Plus the racing action on the High Banks of Angola Motorsport Speedway trump Mother Nature, allowing AMS to run their full show after a brief delay with over 100 stock cars representing 6 classes.

The nights events kicked off with the return of Henry “Pitbull” Rife and his amazing race car jump. What an exciting way to get the night started for the Fans. Clearing the race cars was no problem at all, but the landings had the Fans on the edge of their seats cringing. Henry said, “due to the unevenness of the ground, that the take off ramp was cranked steeper than normal, and gave him an extra shot of distance, throwing off his landing.” The AMS Track Safety Team reacted quickly and assisted Henry with his injured wrist from his last jump. Henry posted Sunday, Left knee , lower back , left shoulder and yes the “Letterman wrist” all showing signs of a pretty strong couple of impacts nothing to bad, mostly just a lot of discomfort. We live to fight another day!”

The USSA Non-Wing Sprints made their first visit to AMS. Chris Neuenschwander was both Fast Qualifier and Feature Winner. Don Hamilton and Jason Fuller were each Heat Race Winners. Chance Rice, Jason Fuller, Donnie Adams Jr, and Matt Goodnight rounded out the top 5 behind Neuenschwander in the Feature.

KC Spillers was Fast Qualifier in the Shepherd’s, Chevy, Buick, GMC Late Models. Steven Woods wins the Driver Appreciation Award. At the end of the race it was Tommy Cook in the Tri-State Line-X Winners Circle for his Feature Win. Ronnie Maynard, Chad Richardson, KC Spillers, and Steven Woods followed Cook.

After finishing in second two weeks in a row, the third time was a charm for Jeremy Wallen when he made his way into the Tri-State Line-X Winners Circle for his Feature Win. Scott Coe was the Fast Qualifier, and Mike Bufink won the Driver Appreciation Award. Wallen was followed by Darwin Wolfe, Scott Coe, Johnathon Gatton, and Zach Henderson.

Current Points Leader Troy Moyer was Fast Qualifier in the Randy’s Trannys Plus Street Stocks. Chris Gibson won the Driver Appreciation Award. Coming back strong after a few bad breaks was 2013 Points Champion Cam Schoeck in the Tri-State Line-X Winners Circle for his Feature Win. Troy Moyer, Bobby Bering, Brian James, and J.J. Schafer followed Schoeck.

Tanner Terry made a clean sweep in his Bill’s Professional Towing, Recovery & Repair Mini Stock by being Fast Qualifier and the Feature Winner. Tom Wiedman won the Driver Appreciation Award. Chad Minnix, Kevin Howard, Allen Tink, and Matt Morton followed Terry.

The Miller Mafia Front Wheel Drives had Jasmine Schafer being the girl to beat from the moment she picked up Fast Time in Qualifying, and until she claimed her Feature Win in the Tri-State Line-X Winners Circle. Following Schafer was Bobby Comer, Mike Kuehner, Shawn Poffenberger, and James Keller.

Coming up Saturday August 2nd, it’s Family Fun Night featuring on-track Autographs, Ladies Night #2, Kids Duck Races, and Cautions = $$, presented by The Bent Wrench in Angola!! The GLS Mini Cups will be making their second visit to AMS in 2014. Also competing in the Emma Warehouse Championship Series are the Shepherd’s Chevy, Buick, GMC Late Models, Superior Auto Modifieds, Randy’s Trannys Plus Street Stocks, Bill’s Professional Towing, Recovery & Repair Mini Stocks, and the Miller Mafia FWD’s. Pit Gates Open at 2, on track Autographs at 6, and Racing at 7!! For more information visit
Angola Motorsport Speedway Results
Saturday July 26, 2014

Lincoln Electric Driver of the Week: Cam Schoeck, Kendallville, IN

USSA Non-Wing Sprints
Fast Qualifier:Chris Neuenschwander; 13.609
Heat Race Winners: Don Hamilton; Jason Fuller
Feature Results:
1. Chris Neuenschwander
2. Chance Rice
3. Jason Fuller
4. Donnie Adams Jr.
5. Matt Goodnight
6. Jerry Caryer
7. Tony Main
8. Grant Galloway
9. Don Hamilton
10. Tom Geren

Shepherd’s Chevy, Buick, GMC Late Models
Fast Qualifier: KC Spillers, Fort Wayne, IN;15.227
Driver Appreciation Award Winner: Steven Woods, Goshen, IN
Feature Results:
1. Tommy Cook, Fort Wayne, IN
2. Ronnie Maynard, Edwardsburg, MI
3. Chad Richardson, Fort Wayne, IN
4. KC Spillers, Fort Wayne, IN
5. Steven Woods, Goshen, IN
6. Cassten Everidge, Stroh, IN
7. Rick Everidge, Stroh, IN
8. Joe Ellert, Waterloo, IN
9. Justin King
10. John Gearhart, Angola, IN
11. Dean Cook, Fort Wayne, IN
12. Kent Baledge, Alexandria, IN
13. Brandon Barcus, Kendallville, IN
14. Jesse Oplinger, Fort Wayne, IN
15. Alex Vonderau, Churubusco, IN
16. Joe Kunberger, Fort Wayne, IN
17. Mark Mason, Fort Wayne, IN
18. Kevin Gunkel, North Webster, IN
19. Hunter Jack, Butler, IN
20. Danny Trent
21. Fred Elkins, Hudson, IN
22. Clint Lewis
23. Rick Rinehart, Ashley, IN

Superior Auto Modifieds
Fast Qualifier: Scott Coe Fort Wayne, IN; 14.921
Driver Appreciation Award Winner: Mike Bufink, Churubusco, IN
Feature Results:
1. Jeremy Wallen, Monroeville, IN
2. Darwin Wolfe, Wawaka, IN
3. Scott Coe Fort Wayne, IN
4. Johnathon Gatton, Fort Wayne, IN
5. Zach Henderson, Waterloo, IN
6. Shawn Bonar
7. Jacob Mann, Pioneer, OH
8. Kale Asztalos, Angola, IN
9. Logan Parker, Hudson, IN
10. Justin Oberlin, Corunna, IN
11. Brent Martin, Harlan, IN
12. Nic Weimer, Auburn, IN
13. Todd Bennett
14. Mike Mayes, Fort Wayne, IN
15. Mike Miller, Fort Wayne, IN
16. Russ Miller, Fort Wayne, IN
17. Mike Bufink, Churubusco, IN
18. Scott Moyer, West Unity, OH
19. Jerry Hammond, Fort Wayne, IN

Randy’s Trannys Plus Street Stocks
Fast Qualifier: Troy Moyer, Edon, OH 16.074
Driver Appreciation Award Winner: Chris Gibson, Kendallville, IN
Feature Results:
1. Cam Schoeck, Kendallville, IN
2. Troy Moyer, Edon, OH
3. Bobby Bering
4. Brian Janes, New Haven, IN
5. JJ Schafer
6. Dennis Pierson, Garrett, IN
7. Frank Casagrande, Fort Wayne, IN
8. Justin Peake, Fort Wayne, IN
9. Austin Coe, Fort Wayne, IN
10. Cody Hawn
11. Tyler Clark, New Haven, IN
12. Clifford Wayne, New Orleans, LA
13. Luke Tuttle, Cromwell, IN
14. Tim Miller, Fort Wayne, IN
15. Bobby Schisler, Cromwell, IN
16. John Shuler
17. Bobby Schisler III, Cromwell, IN
18. Chris Gibson, Kendallville, IN
19. Faith Mast
20. Ryan McIntyre, Decatur, IN
21. Ben DeLong, Garrett, IN

Bill’s Professional Towing, Recovery & Repair Mini Stocks
Fast Qualifier: Tanner Terry; Stroh, IN; 17.413
Driver Appreciation Award Winner: Tom Wiedman, Antwerp, OH
Feature Results:
1. Tanner Terry; Stroh, IN
2. Chad Minnix, Garrett, IN
3. Kevin Howard, Fort Wayne, IN
4. Allen Tink, Angola, IN
5. Matt Morton, Angola, IN
6. Brad McBride, Decatur, IN
7. Tom Hunt Compton, Angola, IN
8. Alan Puff, Fort Wayne, IN
9. Terry Lake, Hudson, IN
10. Kevin Dibble, New Haven, IN
11. Lloyd Depew, Butler,IN
12. Daniel Foulk, Angola, IN
13. Dylan Huffman, Garrett, IN
14. Eric Woods, Fort Wayne, IN
15. Jacob Bradley, Fort Wayne, IN
16. Todd Roberts, Middlebury, IN
17. Zac Sipe, Fort Wayne, IN
18. Don Moore Jr., Kendallville, IN
19. Tom Wiedman, Antwerp, OH
20. Tim Bertoia Jr., Angola, IN
21. Bruce Foulk, Angola, IN

Miller Mafia Front Wheel Drives
Fast Qualifier:Jasmine Schafer, Bremen, IN ; 19.055
Feature Results:
1. Jasmine Schafer, Bremen, IN
2. Bobby Comer, Yoder, IN
3. Mike Kuehner, Fort Wayne, IN
4. Shawn Poffenberger, Markle, IN
5. James Keller, Ossian, IN
6. Kenneth Spillers, Fort Wayne, IN
7. Josh Richardson, Fort Wayne, IN

Neuenschwander, Cook & Wallen Winners at Angola