Waterbury, VT – The American Canadian Tour (ACT) issued the Bradley Babb team a penalty for a racing incident at the Seekonk Speedway event on Saturday, July 16, 2016. For his intentional racing retaliation against Eddie MacDonald, 17MA, Babb has been fined and placed on probation for the remainder of the 2016 season.


The incident occurred in the final two laps of the recently held Propane Plus 150 lap race. “We have tolerance and encourage hard racing, but ACT does not allow bump and runs, and it also does not allow intentionally wrecking competing cars as a retaliation for perceived aggressive racing. We feel the penalty imposed is fair and look forward to moving on to the final five events of the season,” said Cris Michaud, Race Director for the American Canadian Tour.


-ACT Press Release.  Photo Credit: Speed51.com

ACT Issues Penalty Following Seekonk Incident