Stephen Nasse had one of his strongest runs of the season going at Motor Mile Speedway (VA) on Saturday night before an accident with a lapped car relegated him to a 20th-place finish.


“We had a fast car and I think we could have been fourth or fifth, who even knows with all of that stuff that happened we could have been battling for the lead there,” said Nasse.  “I would have loved to have been there at the end, but that was just the way the cookie crumbled tonight.”


A strong sixth-place qualifying effort would place Nasse towards the front of the field for the 125-lap CARS Super Late Model Tour feature event.  Early contact with another car while battling for the third spot sent Nasse up the track and backwards in the running order.


The Pinellas Park, Florida driver would patiently make his way back towards the top-five as the laps ticked off and had a car capable of a top-five finish.  But his strong run would end on lap 92 when Nasse made hard contact with the back of a lapped car while trying to get by another car that was off the pace.


“I was patiently waiting and kind of felt like a veteran, just sitting back there buying time,” explained Nasse.  “I’d gain on them a little bit to see what I had and I had 10 car lengths behind me so I had plenty of room to play around.  I never really pushed the limit.


“I was really going to start trying to pass them with like 25 to go and then that 57 car had a flat tire, 54 checked up, I tucked in behind him coming off the corner and I was going to go underneath him to pass him into one.  He checked up and I had nowhere to go and went right into his fuel cell.  There was nothing we could do after that, the race was over.”


Nasse’s bad luck on Saturday night continues a string of bad luck that has derailed a number of strong runs.  He’s hoping to change that around when he competes in one of the biggest Super Late Model events of the season, the Redbud 300 at Anderson Speedway (IN) on Saturday, July 18.


“I get the short end of the stick in everything,” stated Nasse.  “I don’t know what I did.  I don’t know what I did to piss off the good lord upstairs.  He hasn’t given me the best of luck.


“DLP Motorsports and everyone on our team has worked really hard.  We’re gaining and that’s all I can say.  We got good qualifying positions at Tri-County and here.  We’ve just been struck with bad luck.  We’ll keep digging and go to the Redbud next weekend.  We’ve had some good luck there, so we’ll see what happens.”


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Accident with Lapped Car Derails Nasse’s Strong Run at Motor Mile