ABC Committee Will Approve & Release a New Body in 2021

Track, sanctioning bodies and series leaders that deal specifically with the ABC Body (Approved-Body-Configuration) have once again assembled in regard to the current status of approved bodies in Late Model racing throughout North America.


It is the intent of this Committee to inform all stakeholders in the entire short track racing industry that a new body will be approved and released in 2021 meeting all of the criteria as set forth in the original agreements that were developed and set in place fully in 2005.


It is the intention of the committee to continue to utilize the current ABC shape, dimensions and appearance until the manufacturers collectively present a new common design, as outlined in the original Approved Body Configuration Requirements of Participation, signed by short track racing stakeholders in November 2004. Those requirements, which were agreed upon universally, have served the industry and will continue to do so with the cooperation of all involved.


Any bodies being manufactured today and sold as new in the marketplace did not meet the original criteria that was established in the original “Approved Body Configuration” (ABC) agreement. The Five Star Gen 6 Body will not be approved.


In an effort to provide complete transparency, the committee detailed the process of this topic. To date, no body has met the established and set guidelines as they were formed and agreed upon by tracks, sanctioning bodies and manufacturers, during the development of the original ABC Body.


The Late Model Stakeholder Committee members have made multiple attempts and continue active communication in regard to bringing the industry together, primarily Five Star and AR Bodies (currently the two approved ABC Manufacturers), in an attempt to introduce a “new” look to Late Model racing throughout North America. It is the feeling of all Track, sanctioning body and series leaders that this effort must be made “together” as with all previous ABC (Approved-Body-Configuration) efforts which set the industry standards.


Committee, Tracks, Sanctioning Body and Series leaders are committed to having a new body released in 2021, but are steadfast in their position of ensuring its success by making sure the body manufacturers continue to develop a plan that has the entire industry once again working together to continue a uniform and successful path for all stakeholders. The success and the evolution of the ABC body program in its current format is a testament to the validity of a program where all parties worked “together” in regard to the preservation and development of Late Model racing in North America.


For more information, please contact officials with any of the following represented Tracks, sanctioning bodies or series;


ARCA/CRA Super Series; ARCA Midwest Tour; CARS Super Late Model Tour; JEGS / CRA All-Stars Tour; Northwest Super Late Model Series; Race of Champions; Southern Super Series; SRL Southwest Tour; Dixieland 250; Governor’s Cup; Oktoberfest Race Weekend; Snowball Derby; SoBo 250; Speedfest; US Short Track Nationals; Winchester 400 Winter Showdown; World Series of Asphalt; Vores CRA Late Model Sportsman; CRA Junior Late Model Series


-ABC Committee Press Release

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ABC Committee Will Approve & Release a New Body in 2021