The Approved Body Committee (ABC) released a statement Sunday on the new Five Star Race Car Bodies Gen-6 body. The ABC Body Committee consists of Late Model officials from throughout the country including Ricky Brooks, Mike Lemke, Larry Collins, Greg Wood, Gregg McKarns, Jack McNelly, Tim Bryant, Chris Ragle, Glenn Luckett and RJ Scott. 


The full statement can be seen below:


We wanted to bring you up to speed on the ‘New 2018 ABC Body’ proposed by Fivestar and displayed in December of 2017 at PRI in Indianapolis. We, the ABC Committee, have not approved this body package and do not intend to allow this body in competition until November of 2018 at the earliest, pending approval. There seems to be some misinformation out there and we know some teams are ready for a new look, which we agree with. That being said, we have been discussing price and competitive data with Fivestar since 2015 and recently received aero numbers and pricing for the first time during late August of 2017.


Here is where we stand as of today:


  • A comparative wind tunnel test between the current ABC body and proposed body has been requested. Currently the only aero data available to the ABC Committee, is from a closed door wind tunnel test conducted without any committee members present. We are simply asking for a more transparent test to satisfy all parties involved, as to the parity of the proposed body versus the current ABC design. Since our mid-December 2017 request for additional testing, Fivestar has had zero communication with the ABC Committee. The goal of this test is to determine how to acquire the closest aerodynamic parity possible, thus NOT forcing our teams to ‘have to’ switch bodies. This is important on multiple fronts, but with no single part from the current approved ABC body being able to be utilized on the proposed body, a complete changeover and adaptation of one’s Late Model would be necessary.


  • A key point has been to lock the price of the proposed body. In all likely hood, an approval of this body will create a single provider for this design, thus pricing is and remains an important topic. Additionally, we have proposed a ‘no lightweight’ option, which has been met with quite a bit of push back from the manufacturer. An effort has been made regarding how additional body manufacturers would be able to participate in this program, producing identical components to the proposed Fivestar design.


  • Timing of the release of proposed body is also of importance in this decision. Regardless of approval or not, Fivestar executives were uncertain of their exact release date of the proposed body when they spoke with our group at PRI in December of 2017. They indicated that they were to go to the wind tunnel in January of 2018 to work on nose designs for all three manufacturers. The ABC Committee believes that a partial release in which not all manufacturers are available and/or a release near the beginning of or once the season has begun does not serve the industry in the best manner. Thus the proposed on-track date of November of 2018, pending approval.


  • Approval by other groups appears to be on the table, in the end that is their right. The ABC Committee would like to remind you that these groups have not been involved with this project or been working toward a price lock and the competitive aspects of this proposed body as we have. It is our intention to continue down the approval process from a financial and on-track competitive stance that will continue to move the industry of asphalt short track Late Model racing forward for years to come. We invite all groups to join us in this effort. Thank you for your continued support of short track auto racing.

ABC Committee Statement on Five Star Gen-6 Body