A Little Brotherly Love in North-South Shootout Qualifying

The look on Jason Myers’ face was priceless.  After holding the provisional pole throughout much of Friday’s qualifying for the North-South Shootout, older brother Burt Myers topped his qualifying time to secure the number-one starting spot for Saturday’s Tour-type Modified race at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC).


Rolling out near the middle portion of qualifying, younger brother Jason shot to the top of the board with a fast lap of 14.379 seconds.  He remained there for most of the session, surviving fast laps from other contenders such as Matt Hirschman, Patrick Emerling and others.


However, Jason’s time at the top expired when brother Burt rolled onto the track and turned a lightning fast 14.236 second lap under cool temperatures at the historic oval.


“A lot of hard work.  We changed everything on this car today,” Burt Myers told Speed51.  “We bought a set of stickers for practice and cut a right front early, so we had to put on a mismatch set of tires for practice.  We weren’t very good all day on the watch but we knew we had a good race car.  We threw some stuff at it, and I told them if we can get it to turn we’ll be in good shape.  When I come into turn three it turned, I matted it and it stuck.  The guys worked hard, everybody has endured this cold weather.  We’re pretty happy about it.”


“He was off a little bit in practice today,” Jason Myers said of his brother.  “I knew that he’d qualify good, but it was kind of a bummer that he beat me right at the end, the next to last car to go out.  He gets the middle finger when that happens, every time that’s part of the deal.  We had a good car, I just left a little bit out there off of two.


With only one car remaining to qualify, it was shaping up to be an all-Myers brothers front row for the 17th Annual North-South Shootout before defending race winner Jon McKennedy broke up the family party.  McKennedy edged Jason Myers’ time to put himself on the outside of the front row for Saturday’s 150-lap race.


“We were really close.  Tommy and the guys worked really hard today.  We changed a bunch,” McKennedy said.  “Front row is good, though.  Burt laid down an awesome lap, so congratulations to Burt on the pole.  We’re starting second, front row and the car has great speed.  I think tomorrow in the race we’ll have a really good package for the long run.  That’s something we worked on all throughout practice, 50-60 lap runs.  I thought we were the best car on the long run, so I think we have a really good car for tomorrow.”


Completing the top five in qualifying with identical lap times of 14.398 seconds were familiar foes Patrick Emerling and Matt Hirschman.


In the PRA Super Late Model division, Tate Fogleman recorded the fastest lap of the 18 cars to record a qualifying lap.  Teammate and 2019 ValleyStar 300 winner Josh Berry qualified in the second position as he chases his first career Super Late Model win.


Full qualifying results for both divisions can be viewed at the bottom of this story.


Saturday’s racing at Hickory Motor Speedway is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET.  Race fans unable to make to the track will be able to watch a live video stream on Speed51.  A 90-mile blackout is in effect for the areas surrounding the race track.


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-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Content Manager – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51


Tour-type Modified Unofficial Qualifying Results

1 1 Burt Myers 14.236
2 7NY Jon McKennedy 14.343
3 4 Jason Myers 14.379
4 07 Patrick Emerling 14.398
5 60 Matt Hirschman 14.398
6 15 Jeremy Gerstner 14.560
7 83 Tim Brown 14.566
8 99 Tyler Truex 14.613
9 12x Andy Jankowiak 14.668
10 92 Anthony Nocella 14.675
11 14 Bobby Measmer 14.683
12 24 Andrew Krause 14.694
13 5 Tom Buzze 14.703
14 66 Austin Kochenash 14.705
15 13 Cameron Sontag 14.747
16 99 Chase Dowling 14.757
17 22W Zane Zeiner 14.775
18 79 James Civali 14.806
19 25NJ Calvin Carroll 14.807
20 8 Chris Finocchario 14.828
21 81 Todd Owen 14.851
22 07J Johnny Sutton 14.887
23 11 Andy Seuss 14.991
24 17 Timmy Solomito 15.032
25 25 John Smith 15.073
26 06 Les Hinckley 15.186
27 0 Randall Richard 15.436
28 12 Mike Norman 15.603
29 3 Danny Propst 15.895


Super Late Model Unofficial Qualifying Results

1 8 Tate Fogleman 14.488
2 57 Josh Berry 14.525
3 35 Carson Kvapil 14.652
4 45 Kodie Conner 14.675
5 62 Brandon Ward 14.692
6 27 Tyler Church 14.946
7 96 Josh Reeves 14.949
8 34 Nolan Pope 15.021
9 7 Cory Casagrande 15.032
10 40 Toby Grynewicz 15.050
11 17 Darren Shaw 15.064
12 45 Lee Tissott 15.076
13 13 Wes Burton 15.094
14 08 Nicholas Naugle 15.186
15 41 Brandon Johnson 15.371
16 13R Eric Nash 16.222
17 51 Braden Rogers No Time

A Little Brotherly Love in North-South Shootout Qualifying