Stock car racing was born on father-child relationships.  Whether it’s dads bringing their kids into the grandstands of the local bullring to get the racing itch, a dad helping strap their son or daughter into their first go kart or a dad fixing the bent panels of a car to get their child back on track, just about every person involved in the industry has been influenced by their fathers in some way.

This week, one father from New York reached out to with an email that touched the hearts of each and every one of us.  We too were either influenced in this short track game by our fathers or are bringing up the next generation of short track racers or fans ourselves.  It was a note that reminds us not only of a father’s love, but also why we do what we do here at owners Bob and Angie Dillner received this email from Chris Harness of Rochester, New York referencing the photo above that was snapped by 51 staff photographer Bruce Nuttleman.  We appreciate your note, Mr. Harness, and we thank you for passing on your love of short track racing to your son.  On behalf of all of us to you and the rest of the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day.


Dear Bob & Angie,

I’d like to thank whoever covered the ARCA Fest & the Howie Lettow Memorial event at Milwaukee Mile Speedway this past weekend, especially the photographer.

You provided me with an early Father’s Day gift by taking pictures of the Wauter’s Racing Team giving me an opportunity to see my son at work doing what he loves as a team mechanic.  It is every father’s dream that their children are happy and successful and to see them in action is priceless.  Speed51’s coverage gives me the opportunity to live it every week from Western New York and you really personalized it this weekend.

I commend you for getting behind-the-scene shots of teams that may not have the biggest names or sponsors, because they are out there working the hearts out just like the ‘big’ boys.  These are the people that make racing what it is – the biggest spectator sport in the country (or world for that matter).

Thank you – thank you.  May you and your family have a great Father’s Day – I know I will, thanks to your efforts.

Chris Harness
Rochester, NY

A Father’s Note that Makes Fathers Day Even More Special