EPPING, NH – The Granite State Pro Stock Series will travel to Star Speedway, on September 12, for the Star Classic.  The Star Classic will be the tenth event of the 11-race season, and will be the seventh time the Granite State Pro Stock Series has visited the facility since 2012.  The following is a closer look at the numbers of the Granite State Pro Stock Series (GSPSS), and Star Speedway.



-Star Speedway was built in 1966.

-Formerly known as “All-Star Speedway”.

-Known for the “Star Classic”, this track boasts divisions such as 350 Supermodifieds, Outlaws, Strictly Stocks, and Roadrunners.  The speedway has seen such greats as Ollie Silva, “Big Daddy” Don McLaren, Eddie West, Jim Cheney, Bentley Warren, Chris Perley, Russ Wood, and Lou Cicconi take to the track.  In the 1970’s, the facility used to host celebrity races, featuring Boston Bruins players.



STAR 100:  Race 10 of 11 on 2015 season

LENGTH:  1/4 mile oval

RACE LENGTH:  100 laps



–              There have been six winners in six different races at Star Speedway (Jeremy Davis, Wayne Helliwell, Jr, Dillon Moltz, DJ Shaw, Matt Frahm, Derek Griffith).

–              The track averages 20.5 drivers per GSPSS race.

–              Four drivers have competed in all six events at the raceway (Mike Parks, Frahm, Barry Gray, Babe Branscombe)






T1. Barry Gray                                    6

T1. Matt Frahm                                 6

T1. Mike Parks                                   6

T1. Babe Branscombe                    6

5.  Derek Griffith                              5



T1. Matt Frahm                                1

T1. Jeremy Davis                              1

T1. DJ Shaw                                        1

T1. Wayne Helliwell, Jr.                  1

T1. Dillon Moltz                                 1

T1. Derek Griffith                             1


TOP 3s

T1. Matt Frahm                                 3

T1. Dillon Moltz                                 3

T2. Jeremy Davis                              2

T2. Bobby Baillargeon                     2

T2. Derek Griffith                             2


TOP 10s

1. Matt Frahm                                   5

T2. Mike Parks                                   4

T2. Barry Gray                                    4

T2. Dillon Moltz                                 4

T2. Derek Griffith                             4

T2. Larry Gelinas                               4


AVERAGE FEATURE FINISH (minimum 3 races)

1. Dillon Moltz                                   2.5

2. Brad Babb                                       3.67

3. Bobby Baillargeon                       4

4. Matt Frahm                                   6

T5. Derek Griffith                             7.4

T5. Larry Gelinas                               7.4





#12 Derek Griffith

–              Has four wins, fourteen top 3s, and twenty-two top 10 finishes in thirty total races with the GSPSS. 

–              Picked up the win in the last stop at Star Speedway in the GSPSS. 

–              Has the win, two top 3 finishes, and four top 10s in five races at Star Speedway.

–              Owns an average feature finish of 7.4 at Star Speedway.


#66 Mike Parks

–              Has earned six top 3s, and twenty-one top 10 finishes in thirty-seven career GSPSS events. 

–              Finished a career-best 2nd three times (Hudson 2012, Monadnock 2013, Monadnock 2015).

–              Owns a top three, and four top 10 finishes at Star, including a second place finish in the June event.

–              Has an average feature finish of 9 in six races at Star. 


#29 Barry Gray 

–              Has recorded four wins, eight top 3s, and twenty-nine top 10 finishes in thirty-six career GSPSS events.

–              His four wins have come in each GSPSS season (2012-15), and all at Monadnock Speedway.

–              In six races at Star, has a top 3 (Star 100 2012), and four top 10 finishes.

–              Has an average feature finish of 10.83 at Star.


#37ME Larry Gelinas 

–              Has tallied two wins, twelve top 3s, and twenty-four top 10 finishes in twenty-nine races with the GSPSS.

–              His two victories were at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (2013) and Hudson International Speedway (2014).

–              Has picked up four top 10s at Star Speedway, including a career-best fourth (Star 100 2014).

–              Owns an average feature finish of 7.4 in five starts at Star. 


#14M Matt Frahm

–              The series’ leader in wins, Frahm has five victories, fourteen top 3s, and twenty top 10s in twenty-eight career GSPSS starts.

–              Of his five victories, three have occurred at Monadnock (Star Speedway, Devil’s Bowl Speedway).

–              Frahm has finished in the top 10 in four of his six starts at Star Speedway, including a win, and adding three top 3s.

–              Has an average feature finish of 6 at Star.


#5 Dillon Moltz

–              Has picked up two wins, five top 3s, and thirteen top 10s in fifteen career starts in the GSPSS.

–              Of his two wins, one occurred at Star Speedway, at the NH Classic in 2014 (other at Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park 2015)

–              Adding to his one win, has three top 3s, and four top 10s in four races at Star Speedway, with his worst finish being fifth.

–              Owns a stellar 2.5 average feature finish in four races at Star Speedway.


#08 Mike O’Sullivan

–              Has carried the checkered flag three times in the GSPSS, adding eight top 3s, and eighteen top 10s in twenty-seven career starts.

–              Has picked up a win at Hudson International Speedway, Monadnock Speedway, and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

–              In three races, O’Sullivan has a second place finish, with two top 10s.

–              Has an average feature finish of 8 at Star Speedway.


#16 Tommy O’Sullivan

–              In twenty-four races with the GSPSS, O’Sullivan has picked up a third place finish, and fourteen top 10s.

–              At Star Speedway, O’Sullivan has been consistent, finishing between 8th and 12th in four starts, racking up three top 10s.

–              Has an average feature finish of 9.25 at the facility.


For more information on the Granite State Pro Stock Series, visit www.gspss.net.


Information on the Star Classic gathered at http://joostan1.tripod.com/.

Other historical information researched at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Speedway.


– Granite State Pro Stocks Series press release

A Closer Look at the GSPSS Star Classic Event