Audibel Hearing Center patient, Kurt Guillot, returned to the driver’s seat at the Golf Coast Racing Series after almost twenty years away from the circuit. With help from a pair of in-the-ear hearing devices, Guillot has reaffirmed his love for racing after acquiring hearing loss from the track years ago.

“Hearing loss is very common at racetracks,” says Guillot. “Many of my friends and acquaintances from racing have hearing aids, but I didn’t realize I also had some hearing deficiencies.”

Last year Tom Guillot, owner of Audibel Hearing Center, approached Kurt. Tom suggested he get a hearing evaluation and soon Kurt was fit with his first pair of hearing devices. With renewed confidence, Kurt’s competitive nature re-surfaced and, with the help of the hearing practice that restored his hearing, they formed a racing partnership.

Wearing a pair of custom, in-the-ear speakers to hear his pit crew, Kurt speeds down the track at 140 mph in a car emblazoned with the business that restored his hearing. He may be one of the oldest racers on the track (some competitors are in their teens) but he races competitively in the pro-late model Gulf Coast Series. While Kurt races, Tom educates fans about the high sound levels at the track and gives away free ear plugs.

“Race tracks can get upwards of 140 dBs. Permanent damage can occur in 15 minutes, but fans are so loyal that they come anyways,” says Tom Guillot, owner of Audibel Hearing Center. “They want to cheer for their favorite drivers in person so we’re giving away free hearing protection so they can safely enjoy the race.”

A natural competitor, Kurt started at the early age of eight by racing go-karts and then motorcycles. Beginning in 1972, at 24 years old, he entered the racing circuit but eventually left at 42. Nineteen years later, he’s planning to compete in Pensacola at the Snowball Derby this December, the premier short track racing event of the year. Kurt and Tom hope to continue racing competitively around the South East area raising awareness about hearing protection to their loyal fans.

If you have questions for Tom or Kurt Guillot, please call 352-377-4111.

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-Tom Guillot Press Release.  Photo Credit: Tom Guillot.

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