ALTAMAHAW, NC :: In the last two seasons built engines and Ford Crate engines have been the only engines to visit victory lane in Moonshine Capital Promotions events.  MCP promoter Langley Austin hopes to change that on Saturday August 2nd at Ace Speedway.


Austin has put up a $500 bonus to any driver who can win the 75-lap Late Model race utilizing a 603 Chevrolet crate engine.


“People tell me all the time ‘We’d run with you if you had a Limited division’ and I’ve tried telling everyone that our Late Model field is the perfect mix of Late Models and Limiteds,” said Austin.  “I’m hoping with this bonus available to any driver who competes with a 603 crate engine that my point will be proven and more Limited guys will come and run our races.”


Austin is a firm believer that there is no need for two divisions of the same type of car at most tracks and he wants Limited cars to win in the Moonshine Capital Promotions races against Late Models.


“Let’s be honest, there’s not much difference between Late Models and Limiteds these days.  The engines are the biggest difference and with our rules they’re pretty even and in fact we’ve had several 603 crate engines on the verge of victory in races over the last two seasons.”


Moonshine Capital Promotions early season points leader Brian Sutphin runs a 603 crate engine and he’s been in contention to win a handful of races this season with a best finish of second in the season opening Racing Dynamiks 200.  South Boston Speedway Limited Late Model regular Tommy Peregoy is a great example as in his first ever start with Moonshine Capital Promotions, he was side by side with the eventual winner for the lead when a lapped car cost him the position. Another South Boston regular Daryn Cockram is another example as earlier this season he posted the fastest lap in qualifying with a 603 but struggled to get back to the lead after an MCP mandated invert.


“At some point someone is going to put it all together and win with a 603 crate engine in one of our races.  I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but the right driver can get the job done and I’m hoping a $1,500 payday is incentive enough for Limited guys to bring their 603 engines to give it a try.”


The first opportunity for someone to pick up the $500 bonus in the “603 Crate Challenge” will be in a 75-lap Late Model race scheduled for Saturday August 2nd at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, NC.  The winners share of the purse is already $1,000 giving a driver with a 603 engine the chance to win $1,500 for a 75-lap race on scuff tires that cost them $160 mounted.


“Scuff tires, cheap expenses and a big payday is what awaits drivers at SummerSlam on August 2nd,” continued Austin.  “I think we’re going to see someone with a 603 crate engine wins the race and that’s why I’m putting this bonus out there.”


The “603 Crate Challenge” and the rest of the Moonshine Capital Promotions brigade will be back in action at Ace Speedway on Saturday August 2nd at 7pm.


For more information on Moonshine Capital Promotions or the “603 Crate Challenge”. check out or call Langley Austin at 276.613.4208.


– Ace Speedway press release and photo


“603 Crate Challenge” to Boost Ace SummerSlam Payout