51’s Third Turn (www.thethirdturn.com), Speed51’s base for preserving the history of short track racing across the country, is pleased to present a way for Chili Bowl Nationals fans to view and celebrate the history of this great event before it roll off for the 29th time this weekend. 51’s Third Turn has pulled together all the past results of the race into a portal that will allow fans to see full results and stats relating to the event and all of its drivers all the way back to its inception in 1987.

The gateway to view all Chili Bowl statistics is available by clicking here.

To view how your favorite driver has done in the Chili Bowl, click on their name on this alphabetized list and you will able to find each drivers individual results for every Chili Bowl they have started in.

Here are some key numbers & nuggets of information about the Chili Bowl before the 2015 running kicks off in Tulsa:

1: The number of native sons to win Oklahoma’s biggest race. Broken Arrow’s Andy Hillenburg (not to be confused with the Hillenburg of ARCA and NASCAR fame) pulled off a three-wide split through brothers P.J. and Page Jones to win the 1994 running to much acclaim from the hometown crowd.

2.0: The average finishing position for Kevin Swindell in the Chili Bowl. He’s started 6 Chili Bowls, won four times and finished 2nd and 6th in his other appearances.

5: The most Chili Bowl wins by one driver. Sammy Swindell won the race in 1989, 1992, 1996, 1998, and 2009. Combine that with son Kevin’s four wins (2010-2013), and the Chili Bowl trophy has had a Swindell’s name etched in it 32% of the time.

8: Heat laps. Saturday is a lot less stressful if you can win one of the preliminary qualifiers on Tuesday thru Friday. But even the favorite drivers can get stymied down by a bad draw during one of those preliminary nights. If you get a bad draw, you better hustle for eight fast laps to advance to the next round.

18: The number of drivers who have won the Chili Bowl Nationals. (Full winners list included at the bottom of this story).

22: The number of races held during 2014 Chili Bowl night. One, of course, was the A-Main (the feature), but the rest were preliminary races to get into the main event. Last year’s event even had an L-Main.

55: The number of laps in the 2015 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals.

327: The number of drivers entered (as of today) for the 2015 Chili Bowl, vying for 24 spots in the A-Feature. This is far and away the biggest entry list in event history.

785: The number of loads of clay imported into Tulsa Expo Raceway for this year’s event.

1299: The total number of drivers who have competed in Chili Bowl weekend since 1987. This number is probably higher as quite a few of the early years don’t have a known DNQ list.

1947: The race may hail from the 1980s, but the seeds for this race were sown in 1947, when a restaurant opened up in downtown Tulsa called the Chili Bowl. Bob Berryhill’s popular eatery grew in stature and fame over the years and when the Chili Bowl signed on to sponsor the first running of Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards’ unique idea, it became permanently linked with the biggest Midget race in the country.

15,000: The number of spectators who cheered wildly last year as Kyle Larson and Bryan Clauson staged one of the most intense battles in Chili Bowl history, with Larson eventually wrecking out as he pressured Clauson.

43,500: The weight (in pounds) of The Golden Driller statue, Tulsa’s most famous landmark. The winner’s trophy is modeled after The Golden Driller, but luckily does not weigh quite so much.

Chili Bowl Past Winners

Click on year number to view complete results to the event
Year Date Winner
198711 January 1987Rich Vogler
19889 January 1988Scott Hatton
198914 January 1989Sammy Swindell
199013 January 1990John Heydenreich
199112 January 1991Lealand McSpadden
199211 January 1992Sammy Swindell
19939 January 1993Dave Blaney
19948 January 1994Andy Hillenburg (OK)
199514 January 1995Donnie Beechler
199613 January 1996Sammy Swindell
199711 January 1997Billy Boat
199810 January 1998Sammy Swindell
19999 January 1999Dan Boorse
20008 January 2000Cory Kruseman
200113 January 2001Jay Drake
200212 January 2002Tony Stewart
200311 January 2003Dan Boorse
200410 January 2004Cory Kruseman
20058 January 2005Tracy Hines
200614 January 2006Tim McCreadie
200713 January 2007Tony Stewart
200812 January 2008Damion Gardner
200917 January 2009Sammy Swindell
201016 January 2010Kevin Swindell
201115 January 2011Kevin Swindell
201214 January 2012Kevin Swindell
201312 January 2013Kevin Swindell
201418 January 2014Bryan Clauson

51’s Third Turn By The Numbers: Chili Bowl Nationals