(Winston-Salem, NC) “I want to win every week – and I’ve always said that if I can’t win I want to chase my little brother,” said Burt Myers. “But I’ve been getting tired of chasing my little brother.”


Burt Myers of Walnut Cove remedied that situation on Saturday at Bowman Gray Stadium, breaking his winless streak in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. 2015 started off on a strong note for Myers with two victories coming in the first two races of the season.


But then Myers’s performance started suffering, and all of his hard work could never quite bring him into Winner’s Circle. He finished second time after time – a total of five second-place finishes since his win back in May.


“We’ve been third, fourth, second a couple times – but we just lacked that little bit,” said Myers. “We’ve been busting our tail. We’ve been that close.”


With starting lineup for Saturday’s first Modified race being decided strictly by qualifying, Myers knew that time trials would be crucial.


“We’ve been feeding off of Jason a little bit, and he’s still the car to beat in qualifying – but we’re getting there,” said Myers, who was able to qualify second. “If you can just get on the front row and give yourself a shot.”


Jason Myers qualified on the pole and readied himself for some sibling rivalry when the green flag dropped. Some mind-games led to a false start for the first attempt, but Burt Myers shot from the outside row into the lead during the second starting attempt.


“The first start, he went a little early,” said Burt Myers. “And the second one I got a good run, and we were about even. I just happen to get a good run and got clear – and once I got out in front of him, I could just set sail.”


Myers led the way the rest of the race to grab the checkered flag. “These last several months have just been a dry spell, and we were really hungry to get back in victory lane,” said Burt Myers.


Jason Myers finished in second, with veteran Robert Jeffreys of Winston-Salem taking third.


The skies opened up and rained halfway through the evening’s races, leading to much of the racing having to be called off.


In the Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series, Michael Adams of Yadkinville held off John Holleman of Winston-Salem to take the checkered in the 20-lapper. Tommy Neal of Walkertown bumped Taylor Branch of Lewisville out of the way as they fought for position. Branch became a little heated and attempted to retaliate against Neal.


Brandon Brendle of Winston-Salem won in the 15-lapper for the McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series. A.J. Sanders of Mocksville finished in second.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
Modified Race: 25 laps

1       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
2       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
3       75      Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC
4       73      Andy Jankowiak  Buffalo, NY
5       69      Junior Miller   Winston-Salem, NC
6       71      Dean Ward       Winston-Salem, NC
7       27      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
8       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
9       66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
10      53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
11      3       Danny Propst    Waxhaw, NC
12      44      Daniel Beeson   Kernersville, NC
13      5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
14      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
15      77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
16      2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
17      13      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC

Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series
Sportsman race: 20 laps

1       19      Michael Adams   Yadkinville, NC
2       4       John Holleman   Winston-Salem, NC
3       13      Chase Hunt      Lexington, NC
4       21      Tommy Neal      Rural Hall, NC
5       81      Zack Clifton    Walkertown, NC
6       68      Robbie Brewer   Winston-Salem, NC
7       26      Michael Tilley  Winston-Salem, NC
8       55      Zack Ore        Winston-Salem, NC
9       40      Luke Fleming    Mount Airy, NC
10      51      Rob Knabel      Tobaccoville, NC
11      3       Jeff Garrison   Arcadia, NC
12      14      Steve Holleman  Winston-Salem, NC
13      9       David Adams     Yadkinville, NC
14      86      Taylor Branch   Lewisville, NC
15      02      Derek Stoltz    Walkertown, NC
16      12      Justin Taylor   King, NC
17      00      Dallas Butner   Winston-Salem, NC
18      1       Doug Wall       Pfafftown, NC
19      47      Terry Thompson  Winston-Salem, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series
Stadium Stock “A” Race: 15 laps

1       11      Brandon Brendle Winston-Salem, NC
2       24      A.J. Sanders    Mocksville, NC
3       02      Wesley Thompson Advance, NC
4       40      Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
5       08      Dan Speeney     Mocksville, NC
6       81      Chuck Wall      Lexington, NC
7       16      Stephen Sanders Midway, NC
8       7       Chris Allison   Mocksville, NC
9       48      Junior Smith    Lexington, NC
10      76      Billy Cameron Jr        Salisbury, NC
11      55      Tyler Burke     Midway. NC
12      97      Bryan Sykes     Lexington, NC
13      8       Shane Southard  Yadkinville, NC
14      62      Kevin Hedgecock Thomasville, NC
15      64      Ricky Wall      East Bend, NC
16      14      Ken Bridges     King, NC
17      01      Jason Keaton    Mocksville, NC

-Bowman Gray Stadium Press Release.  Photo Credit: Eric Hylton Photography

Burt Myers Beats Brother, Ends Winless Streak at Bowman Gray