2020 Short Track Draft Prospects Ballot Released

While up-and-coming racers aspire to reach the NASCAR Cup Series, they hone their craft on short tracks across North America.  Since 2004, the Short Track Draft on Speed51 has ranked the top prospects at the short track level.


Voting will begin shortly for the 2020 Short Track Draft, and the ballot of eligible drivers is now available.


The ballot for this year’s draft is an extensive collection of more than 350 short track drivers hungry to climb the racing ladder.  Whether it’s on dirt or pavement, from karts to Super Late Models and all stops along the way, the ballot is packed with rising stars.


For the next step in the Short Track Draft process, this ballot will be distributed to a panel of industry experts, who will place their votes on which drivers deserve one of the 51 draft picks – and which driver will join the prestigious list of number-one picks in the Short Track Draft.


Former number-one picks include the likes of Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard, Daniel Hemric, Christopher Bell, Ty Majeski, Todd Gilliland, Harrison Burton and, most recently, Chandler Smith.


In order to be eligible for the ballot, drivers needed to meet the following criteria:

  • 25 years or younger as of April 1, 2019
  • Maintain rookie status in NASCAR’s top-three series
  • Have less than eight races scheduled in NASCAR’s top-three series
  • Competed in a short track racing event at least once in 2019


Once all ballots are submitted and collected, Speed51 will calculate the results and reveal the draft picks.


Below is the full list of drivers on the 2020 Short Track Draft Ballot.  Write-in votes will also be allowed if the driver meets the criteria listed above.


It’s possible that we may have missed a deserving driver or two on this list. If that’s the case and you believe they deserve to be on the ballot, let us know by emailing [email protected].


More information about the 2020 Short Track Draft on Speed51 will be announced soon.


-Story by Speed51 Staff


2020 Short Track Draft Ballot

Adam Lemke17LMSC
Ahnna Parkhurst19Pro/Super Dirt LM
Alex Guenette23Late Models
Alex Sewell25Sprint Cars
Alison Slaton19Sprint Cars
Andrew Layser18Midgets
Andrew Molleur17SK Modifieds
Andrew Scheid16Sprint Cars
Annabeth Barnes-Crum24LMSC
Anthony Perrego25Dirt Modifieds
Anthony Sergi24Late Models
Anton Hernandez23Dirt Sprints/Micro Sprints
Ashton Higgins17Late Models/Trucks
Ashton Winger20Dirt LMs
Austin Beers17Modifieds
Austin Edwards15Late Models
Austin Green19Late Models
Austin Herzog17Late Models
Austin Kochenash24Modifieds
Austin Kunert20Late Models
Austin Liggett23Sprint Cars
Austin McDaniel25LMSC
Austin Nason24SLM
Austin Rettig25Dirt LMs
Austin Schaeffer23Sprints/Midgets
Austin Somero22Late Models
Austin Teras17Super Late Models
Austin Thom25SLM/ARCA
Benji Hicks24Dirt LMs
Blaine Perkins20Late Models
Blaine Rocha21SLM
Blaise Rutherford19PLM
Blake Barney20Mods
Blake Carrick16Various
Blake EdwardsMidgets
Blake Hahn25Sprints/Midgets
Blake Rowe20Modifieds
Blake Stallings24LMSC
Brandon Hanks23Sprint Cars
Bobby Knox, Jr.25PLM
Bobby Pierce23Dirt LMs
Brandon Grosso20Various
Brandon Barker23Late Models
Brandon Farrington23Late Models
Brandon Lemke20Late Models
Brandon Oakley25ARCA/Late Models
Brandon Pierce23LMSC
Brandon Rahmer24Sprint Cars
Brandon White22Late Models
Brayton Lynch20Midgets
Brenden Queen22ARCA/LMSC
Brenham Crouch14Midgets/Micro Sprints
Bret Holmes21ARCA
Brett Yackey20Late Models
Bridget Burgess18ARCA West
Brittney Zamora20ARCA West
Brody Pope21LMSC
Brooke Storer21LM/Sportsmen
Bryan Narducci19SK Modifieds
Bryant Wiedman14Midgets/Micro Sprints
Bryce Bezanson17SLM
Bryson Harper13Dirt LMs
Buddy Shepherd20SLM
Caden Kvapil12Karts
Cale Coons11Junior Sprints
Calvin Carroll19Modifieds
Camden Gullie20LMSC
Cameron Bolin14Various
Cameron Bowen22LMSC
Cannon McIntosh17Midgets
Carson Ferguson19Dirt LM
Carson Kvapil16SLM
Carson Macedo23Sprint Cars
Carson Short24Sprint Cars
Carter Stokes22Late Models
Cayden Lapcevich20Late Models
Chad Butz20SLM
Chance Crum22Sprints/Midgets
Chance Morton22Sprints/Midgets
Chase Burda15Late Models, Dirt Modifieds
Chase Cabre22ARCA
Chase Dixon16Late Models
Chase Dowling22Modifieds
Chase Johnson24Sprints/Midgets
Chris Hacker20PLM
Christian McGhee21ARCA/SLM
Christopher Polvoorde19Midgets
Christopher Tullis20PLM
CJ Leary23USAC
Clay Harris19Dirt Late Models
Clinton Boyles20Sprint Cars
Cody Ledger24Sprint Cars
Colby Howard17Late Models
Cole Anderson22Dirt Modifieds
Cole Bodine19Midgets
Cole Butcher23SLM/Pro Stock
Cole Moore23SLM
Cole Williams24Late Models
Colin Garrett19K&N/LM
Collin Slife16Late Models
Colten Cottle21Sprints/Midgets
Colten Nelson18SLM
Colton Flinner25Dirt LMs
Connor Hall23ARCA/LM
Connor Mosack21Late Models
Connor Okrzesik18ARCA/SLM
Corey Heim17ARCA/Late Models
Craig Lutz25Modifieds
Daison Pursley15Midgets
Dalton Armstrong24Late Models
Dan Speeney24SLM
Daniel Dye16SLM/PLM
Danny Benedict23Late Models
Daulton Wilson22Dirt LMs
Dawson Fletcher15Late Models
Demetrios Drellos22Dirt Mods
Derek Griffith23SLM
Devin Moran24Dirt LMs
Devin O'Connell22SLM/PLM
Devon Morgan18Late Models / Dirt
Dillon Hodge17LMSC
Dillon Steuer17Dirt Mods
DJ Netto24Sprint Cars
Dominic Scelzi22Sprint Cars
Drake Troutman14Dirt LM/Dirt Mods
Drew Dollar19ARCA/LM
Dustin Golobic25Sprints/Midgets
Dustin Smith22PLM
Dylan Cappello24Modifieds
Dylan Fetcho19Late Models
Dylan Garner21Late Models
Dylan Hutchison25Sprint Cars
Dylan Westbrook23Sprint Cars
Dylan Zampa15Late Models
Ernie Francis, Jr.20K&N/LM
Ethan Mitchell15Midgets/Karts
Ethan WilsonDirt LMs
Evan Hallstrom18Late Models
Freddie Rahmer23Sprint Cars
Gabe Brown16Late Models
Gage Painter14LMSC
Gabe Sommers16Late Models
Garrett Hall25SLM
Garrett Huffines18Late Models
Garrett Jones (WV)20Dirt LMs
Giovanni Bromante16SLM
Giovanni Scelzi18Sprint Cars/Midgets/Stock Cars
Gracie Trotter18Late Models/Legends
Gracin Raz21SLM
Grady Chandler19Sprints/Midgets
Grant Brown19Late Models
Grant Griesbach18Late Models
Grant Thompson, Jr.14Late Models/Trucks
Grant Quinlan21K&N East / ARCA
Hailie Deegan18K&N/Late Models
Harli White24Sprints
Hank Davis16Midgets
Hannah Adair25Midgets
Haley Constance15Junior LM
Henry Hornsby III20Dirt LMs
Holly Shelton24Midgets
Holley Hollan18Midgets
Howard Moore23Sprint Cars
Howie DiSavino III19LM / ARCA
Hudson O'Neal19Dirt LMs
Hunter Fischer21Midgets
Hunter Jack19Late Models
Isaac Chapple23Sprints
Jace Jones14Late Models
Ivan Kaffel18SLM
Jack Dossey III21SLM/PLM
Jack Ely22Modifieds
Jack Wood19SLM
Jackson Boone20SLM/PLM
Jacob Allen25Sprint Cars
Jacob Heafner20LMSC/ARCA
Jacob Nottestad18Late Models
Jacob Perry18Modifieds
Jaden Cretacci15PLM
Jadan Walbridge15JR LM
Jagger Jones17K&N West
Jake Garcia15Late Models
Jake Johnson18SLM
Jake Neuman20Midgets
Jake Bollman12JR LM
Jan Evans19SLM
Jared Irvan22SLM
Jason McDougal22Sprint Cars/Midgets
Jay Juleson16JR LM
Jeremy Doss23SLM
Jesse Colwell21Midgets / Outlaw Karts
Jesse Love15Midgets
Jessica Dana25LMSC
Jett Noland16SLM
Jimmy Renfrew Jr.17Late Models/Street Stocks
Joe Stornetta, Jr.25Sprint Cars
Joe Valento15SLM/Trucks
Joel Rayborne17Sprint Cars
Joey Ancona15Sprint Cars
Joey Iest17JR LM
John DeAngelis, Jr.25SLM
John Holleman IV22Various
John Peters22SLM
JoJo Wilkinson16PLM
Jonathan Findley21LMSC
Jonathan Shafer14LMSC/Midgets
Josh Hodges25Sprints
Justin Carroll (NC)24LMSC
Justin Carroll (VA)24ARCA/LMSC
Justin Crider23SLM
Justin Gareis17Legends
Justin Mondeik23SLM
Justin Peck21Sprint Cars
Kaden Honeycutt16SLM / ARCA
Kaidon Brown18Midgets/Speedcars
Kabe McClennyJR LM
Kate Re16Modifieds
Kaylee Bryson19Midgets/Micros
Kelly Hebing25Sprints
Kelsey Ivy23Sprint Cars
Karsyn Elledge19Midgets/Karts
Karter Sarff17Midgets
Katlynn Leer21Sprint Cars
Kendra Adams20Late Models
Kenny Brady18Legends
Kercie Jung14JR LM
Kodie Conner19SLM
Kody Evans21Dirt LMs
Kody Vanderwal19K&N West
Kole Raz16Late Models
Kyle Craker19Sprints/Midgets
Kyle Crump24Late Models
Kyle Lee21Dirt LMs
Kyle Pembroke25Late Models
Kyle Plott25SLM
Kyle Schuett25Midgets
Kyler BerryJR LM
Kylie Ith15Late Models
Landon Cling25Sprints
Landon Gresser13Bandoleros
Landon Rapp13Legends/Karts
Lawless Alan20ARCA/LM
Layne Riggs17LMSC
Leland Honeyman15LMSC
Lilly Mead18JR LM
Logan Roberson22Dirt LMs
Logan Runyon23SLM
Logan Seavey22Various
Logan Zampa22Late Models
Lucas Jones20Late Models
Luke Fenhaus16Late Models
Luke Hyre16Dirt LMs
Luke Sorrow18Late Models
Mandy Chick18PLM
Marcel Gravel24Late Models
Marcello Rufrano19SK Modifieds
Maria Cofer20Midgets
Mason Daniel19Sprints
Mason Diaz19K&N East
Mason Keller19PLM
Mason Ludwig17Late Models
Mason Mingus25SLM
Matt Craig21SLM
Matt Moore20Sprints/Midgets
Matt Swanson20Modifieds
Matt Wallace24SLM
Matthew Nance21Dirt Late Models
Max Calles24Super Late Models
Max McLaughlin20ARCA East
McKenna Haase23Sprint Cars
Megan Rae Meyer23Dirt LMs
Michael Atwell20SLM
Michael Christopher, Jr.20Modifieds
Michael "Buddy" Kofoid18Midgets/Sprints
Mini Tyrrell15Late Models
Mitchel Moles19Sprints/Midgets/Micros
Nick Drake24Sprints/Midgets
Nick Sanchez19Late Models/Legends
Nick Schlager23Dirt LMs
Noah Harris20Sprint Cars
Nolan Pope22SLM
Parker Price-Miller21Sprint Cars
Parker Retzlaff16ARCA
Parker Stephens22SLM
Paul Nienhiser23Sprint Cars
Paul Shafer, Jr.23SLM
Perry Patino21PLM
Paul Williamson23ARCA/LM
Pearson Lee Williams22Dirt LMs
Presley Truedson17Midgets/Lightning Sprints
Racin Vernon21Late Models
Rafe Slate19Late Models
Reilly Lanphear20Late Models
Robert Dalby20Midgets
Rodrigo Rejon19Stock Cars
Ricky Schlick22SLM
Riley Kriesel23Sprints
Riley Stenjem19SLM
RJ Braun19SLM
Robbie Kennealy13JR LM
Ronnie Davis III24Modifieds
Ronnie Williams23Modifieds
Roy Hayes17SLM
Ruben Garcia, Jr.24K&N
Ryan Kuhn19Late Models
Ryan Messer19SLM
Ryan Millington18LMSC
Ryan Montgomery23Dirt LMs
Ryan Rackley13Late Models/Legends
Ryan Repko20Late Models
Ryan Robinson19Sprints/Midgets
Ryan Vargas19LMSC
Sam CorryKarts
Sam Johnson17Midgets
Sam Mayer16ARCA
Sam Rameau17NWMT
Sammy Smith15PLM
Seth WiseJR LM
Skylar Gee21Sprints
Slater Helt19Sprint Cars
Spencer Bayston21Midgets
Spencer Davis21ARCA / SLM
Spencer Hughes19Dirt Mods
Spencer Vaughan21Modifieds
Stephen Donahue22Late Models
Stephen Nasse24SLM / PLM
Sylvan Schuette19Dirt LMs
Tanner Carrick18Midgets
Tanner Reif13Late Models
Taylor Gray14LMSC
Taylor Jorgensen24Various
Taylor Miinch25Modifieds
Teddy Hodgdon19Modifieds
Thad Moffitt19ARCA
Timmy Catalano20Modifieds
Tommy Barrett Jr.24Modifieds
Tommy Catalano22NWMT/RoC
Toni Breidinger20Late Models/USAC
Travis Billington18Dirt Mods
Trent Ivey25Dirt Late Models
Trever McCoy25PLM
Trevor Cristiani25Mods/SLM
Trevor Huddleston23ARCA/SLM
Trevor Noles23SLM
Trey Bayne16SLM
Trey Watson21Dirt LM
Treyten Lapcevich15Late Models
Tristan Guardino24Sprints/Midgets
Tristan Haider22SLM
Troy Talman24Modifieds
Tucker Klaasmeyer24Midgets
Tye Mihocko22Sprints
Tyler Bare25Dirt LMs
Tyler Courtney25Sprint Cars / Midgets
Tyler Erb23Dirt Late Models
Tyler Fabozzi23Late Models
Ty Hulsey23Sprints/Midgets
Tyler Letarte15Karts
Tyler Matthews23LMSC
Tyler Nicely24Dirt Mods
Tyler Rypkema22Modifieds
Tyler Seavey24Sprints/Midgets/Karts
Tyler Thomas23Sprints/Midgets
Tyler Thompson18Super Mods
Vince Midas19LMSC
Wesley Smith20Sprints/Midgets
Will Rodgers25ARCA
Wyatt Alexander20SLM
Wyatt Brooks23Late Models
Wyatt Burks24Sprints/Midgets
Zach Leonhardi18Dirt LMs
Zac Taylor22Sprint Cars
Zach Lightfoot16Legends
Zach Telford15ARCA/SLM
Zachary Cook22Late Models
Zachary Tinkle17Late Models
Zack Mitchell23Dirt Late Models
Zack St. Onge18LMSC
Zane Lawrence20Sprints/Midgets
Zeb Wise17Midgets


2020 Short Track Draft Prospects Ballot Released