WEIGHT – Minimum Base Weight: 2800 lbs. and 58.0% Maximum left side weight at all times for all cars (without refueling). For post-race total weight rules, teams may refuel, or officials may utilize “1 lb. per lap” burn-off.



TIRES – For the 2018 Winter Showdown, there will be a controlled scuff session, where teams will be allowed to scuff both sets of tires they will have in their pit for the 300 lap event.  Teams will start Saturday’s Winter Showdown 300 on their qualifying tires.  Maximum three set for the 300 laps.  The Hoosier 3035 lefts and 3045 rights will be used in 2018. Purchased exclusively from Hoosier Tire West 559-485-4612 and may be pre-ordered and picked up at event.


NOTE: The 3035/3045 combination will be used during the 2018 SRL season at all tracks.



300x250 SRL 2017.02.03 Winter ShowdownIGNITION BOX – All cars must use the following ignition system: one (1) FAST Ignition part# 6000-6701, mounted on an original tray as from FAST, as far to the right and forward as possible inside the car.  RPM dial must be positioned facing right side window of car. All wires in plain view and out of reach of the driver.  All wires to the distributor must be run separately and not part of a bigger loom or wiring harness. All wiring must be sealed with No unplugged wiring.  Rev limiting device operational at all times.




SEAL Engines: 7600 maximum RPM

SSPE Engines: 7800 maximum RPM

Brodix Spec Headed Engines: 7800 maximum RPM


IMPOUND – All cars will be impounded after qualifying and will remain parked and covered overnight in impound until race time.  Cars will not be re-inspected after qualifying, prior to the race.



WINTER SHOWDOWN TESTING POLICY – Winter Showdown Teams/Drivers will only be allowed two test days from December 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018 at Kern County Raceway.  Teams/Drivers must have submitted a Winter Showdown entry prior to scheduling a test day. To schedule testing, contact Kern County Raceway at 661-835-1264.




Kern County Raceway: (4) hours total

  • $1000 (1) car
  • $750 each for (2) cars
  • $500 each for (3) to (7) cars.
  • $350 each for (8) or more cars.

$100 for each additional hour of testing. Six-hour session maximum.

Lights are an additional hourly charge.

Prices based on number of cars that show up and test on the day.

Price includes, EMT’s/Fire Safety, track prep, and insurance.


TESTING CONTINUED – Testing will be allowed right up to Wednesday afternoon, January 31st at 3pm.  There will be an open test day on Sunday, January 21st – this test day will count towards a Team/Driver’s two-test limit.  You must always call Kern County Raceway to reserve your testing day 661-835-1264, as space is limited.



NEW FIVE STAR BODY – The release of the new Five Star Body will likely not take place until later this summer, so the new body is not approved for the 2018 Winter Showdown.


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-SRL Press Release

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

2018 Winter Showdown Rules and Policies Updated