Ryan McDaniel of Chico hit his marks lap after lap as he stayed a step ahead of Torrance’s Cody Laney to win the final modified feature event in the IMCA West Coast Nationals Sunday evening at Chowchilla Speedway. Fred Ryland of Brentwood made it two straight wining the IMCA SportMod half of the event.

There was plenty of action at Chowchilla. (Oval Motorsports Inc photo)

There was plenty of action at Chowchilla. (Oval Motorsports Inc photo)

“As fast as it was up there on the top of the track I wasn’t about to venture anywhere else,” McDaniel said in victory lane. “It was a racey track, but there was no way he (Laney) was going to get me from the bottom.”

Laney stayed at the bottom of the track, thwarting third placed finisher Paul Stone’s bid for second. Stone, of Winton, was the top local driver in the event.

“He showed me a nose, but I kept ahead,” 19 year old Laney said of Stone. “I just couldn’t catch McDaniel. I knew I had to try something, but nothing seemed to work.”

Stone tried his best to crack the top two.

“I pushed a hole right through the floorboard,” he laughed.


Ryland was untouchable at both Merced and Chowchilla. His nemesis, Nick Spainhoward of Bakersfield tried in vain to catch Ryland.

“Our car was just perfect,” Ryland said in victory lane. “The crew set it up just right.”

Now the national points leader, Ryland was asked of his plans.

“The national title now needs to be considered,” he said of his 2015 schedule. “I just have to explain that to my wife.”


Mini-Stock Champion Chris Corder of Stockton continued his winning ways in taking the first feature of the young season.

“I didn’t have a dirt car ready, so I came with the care I usually run on pavement at Madera,” Corder said in victory lane. “It surprisingly had no trouble winning.”
The racing season continues with practice sessions at Antioch, Merced, and Chowchilla speedways scheduled for February. The local season begins on March 1 at Chowchilla Speedway.

PR & Photo: Oval Motorsports Inc

Chowchilla Racing to McDaniel in IMCA West Coast Nat’ls