Jeff Ganus felt it was time for a change. That change led to a $10,000 payday.

Last week, Ganus and the Great Lakes Helicopter Racing team parted ways from their Outlaw Late Model program. This past Saturday, Ganus hopped in a Brian Short-owned Outlaw Late Model and took home the $10,000 Outlaw paycheck at Baer Field Speedway.

“First time out driving for Brian Short and picking up a check for $10,000 is not a bad way to start,” said Ganus. “Great Lakes and I had a good run together, but we felt it was time for us to go our separate ways. We wish each other the best and moved forward.

Ganus, who lives in Constantine, Michigan, contacted Short, a friend who during this past winter told Ganus if he ever wanted a car to drive, he has one available for him. Ganus remembered his offer and took advantage of it.

The result was a $10,000 payday by winning the rain-delayed Kenny Wallace 100 on Saturday night at the Fort Wayne, Indiana track.

“We were able to test the car on Tuesday before the event was rained out on Saturday,” added Ganus. “I spent most of the time getting used to the car and the track. We started third in the 100-lap event and fell back to about fifth or sixth. We ran about 10 laps and the tire pressure was building up and we got into a rhythm. I took the car up to the high side and we were passing everyone”

Ganus would take the lead on lap 18 of the 100-lap event.

“After that, it was a matter of counting the laps down,” Ganus recalled. “I think I had a big lead to where I took my time getting around the lapped cars.”

By partnering with Short for just his second race at Baer Field, Ganus entered the Kenny Wallace 100 with a lot of question marks. He was able to end it with an exclamation point.

“During practice, Brian wanted to put new tires on the car and I said let’s leave the old ones on,” Ganus said. “I think it really helped us with getting the right setup for the race. I knew we weren’t going to have fast time, but would have a car to beat in the race. Plus, I saved Brian some money on tires.”

When asked if this was a one-time deal with Short, Ganus said that Short told him that he could have the car whenever he wanted to race the car, which is a Senneker Performance chassis.

“I am working on getting my own car ready that I can race around where I live,” Ganus said. “Plans would be to race my own car at tracks like Kalamazoo and M-40 Speedway.”

– Kevin Ramsell, Speed 51 Midwest Editor/Director of Business – Twitter: @KevinRamsell

Photo Credit: Baer Field Speedway

$10,000 Worth of Change for Jeff Ganus at Baer Field