Each year the Snowball Derby contains countless stories and the Speed51.com staff provides you with the latest scoop.  In addition to the conventional Trackside Now coverage that has been a favorite among fans for years, the Speed51 Video Network in recent time has featured all kinds of exclusive video features to enjoy on-demand.


300x250-51-network-2017Whether it is highlights from feature races, one-on-one interviews, innovative in-car footage, or coverage of the latest buzz that has occurred, a 51 Network subscription gets you in the know.  And that’s not only for the in-depth Snowball Derby action being brought to followers of short track racing all week.


An annual subscription comes with a 10% discount on all pay-per-view purchases, including this week’s broadcast of the 50th Annual Snowball Derby, live from Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.


In addition, a yearly subscription saves you money over our monthly subscription plan.  At the new price of $69.99 effective Monday, the annual subscription saves you $25.89 compared to 12 monthly subscriptions at $7.99.  However, if you subscribe before Monday you will lock yourself in to the current rate of $59.99 a year*.


Don’t drag your feet, sign up for the 51 Network today for the latest in-depth, short track racing video coverage.


Order the Snowball Derby pay-per-view by clicking here.


*You will need to keep your payment information current in order to stay locked into the rate. If your payment information expires, you will not keep that rate.


-Speed51.com Staff Story

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Speed51 Network Subscribers Save 10% Off Snowball Derby