On June 10, ten drivers will get the opportunity to run in a 10-lap race at Baer Field Motorsports Park (IN) where $10,000 will be up for grabs for the winner. The ICAR Outlaw Super Late Models are slated to run the “Stan Perry Memorial 110” that day in addition to the 10-lap high-cash dash.


This race is an invitation-only race for 10 of the best Outlaw Super Late Model drivers in the country as the series plan to honor “The God Father” Stan Perry for the 10th running of the memorial race. This is the first year the memorial race has been run at Baer Field Motorsports Park.


TS Mobile App“Stan, everyone looked up to Stan Perry, and when I first got into racing you looked up to the guys who were successful and he always was. This is going to be the last race for the Stan Perry Memorial race since it’s the tenth anniversary of it. I wanted something exciting that people would always remember,” Baer Field Promoter Dave Muzzillo told Speed51.com.


The numbers, the laps, and the payout were all chosen strategically to honor the late Stan Perry.


“It’s an invite race only and you had to race with Stan back in the day. Its ten drivers, because his car number was ten, ten laps, ten thousand with winner take all.”


If a 10-lap shoot-out with big money on the line wasn’t exciting enough, Muzzillo explained the concept of two pill draws in order to determine starting position for the dash for cash.


“What makes it exciting is the drivers all know who they are racing against but there is a pre-draw and a draw. The pre-draw is that when you get to race track you get to draw your number. This is based on the order of how we received their entry that way we know that they are going to be there,” Muzillo stated.


That chip will later determine the order in which drivers will redraw for their final starting position for the 10-lap race.


“He will keep that that chip with him all day long and when it comes race time at 7:15 he will come to the front stretch all suited up and ready to race with window net up. I will go by and collect all their numbers. There is only going to be eleven people that will know where these guys are going to start. They wont know who is going to be behind them or next to them that way there is no plan. They have no plan to work out. It will make it very exciting.”


With such a high number up for grabs and a short amount of time to get the job done most would assume that there is bound to be carnage. Muzzillo has high hopes for the race and knows it will put on a show the fans won’t forget any time soon.


“The thing is I have no doubt this race will be caution free. These drivers have so much respect for each other and they know what’s on the line; they won’t wreck each other. They have the utmost respect for each other these guys do. They’re such a tight and close friends that they won’t wreck each other. It is going to be a hard, all-out ten laps of racing.”


The ICAR Outlaw Super Late Models are running along side the ARCA/CRA Super Series for the Summit City 100. With both series on site at Baer Field which sets the evening up for a night full of racing action.

-By Hannah Newhouse, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

10-Lap, $10,000-to-Win Race to Be Held at Baer Field